LA Times/NBC Writer Says Spanish Is America’s Language, Not English


At last, the LA Times admits where they are headed with their illegal immigration and destruction of American culture and tradition.

They published a commentary by an LA Times/NBC News columnist Gustavo Arellano in which he claims Spanish, not English is the most all-American language.

Perhaps the most offensive aspect to this is it’s a re-writing of our history. Joe Stalin and Joe Gobbels would be proud. It’s Orwellian. This is what Marxists do.

The author made this deceitful statement: “Is it dangerous to speak Spanish in public in Trump’s America? Well, sí!” the commentary read.

Arellano argued that Spain established colonies in the New World  before the English settled Jamestown in 1607.

Aside from the fact that the overall statements are untrue, I wouldn’t be bragging about Spanish conquistadors if I were him. They taught the Indians how to scalp people.

Many on Twitter saw it for what it is, anti-white propaganda. Others not only defended it, they demanded we all believe it. We won’t give those latter idiots space here.


You need to know about the Reconquistas if you don’t already. They seek to reconquer the Southwest or more and they have just about completed the mission. The Progressives aka Communists and Socialists have been pushing them into the USA for decades.

This next link gives a good example of how they work. Unfortunately, if we become more like the lands to the south of us, we will become leftist “s***holes” with plenty drug dealers.

Man Who Wants to Reconquer the SW for Mexico Also Gets to Pick Our History Texts

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