Lady Liberty, will you marry me?



This isn’t satire or a joke.

Our country is on a slippery slope heading towards a Socialized country. We have already elected known Communists in Seattle and New York City. Now we have Socialist Bernie Sanders running for the highest office in the land. How did we allow this to happen in America and how did we get on this pathway to destruction?

We are at the crossroads and we need to take drastic steps in order to preserve our freedoms.

So here’s what I’m suggesting.

Today, the law of the land is that anyone can marry the One they Love.

Therefore, in order to preserve America, Americans need to marry Lady Liberty. Yes, you heard me correctly ! If we were all to get married to America, then, perhaps our country wouldn’t be overrun with the Communists & anti-Americans currently trying to destroy the foundation of our great nation.

Here’s how it would work. In a symbolic ceremony, we would all pledge our undying love to America and all that she stands for – Freedom, Opportunity and the pursuit of Happiness.

In our “marriage vows”, we would swear to uphold the Constitution of America and the Bill of Rights. Our wedding song would be “God Bless America” and “United we Stand”, Uncle Sam could give us ‘away’ and the “ring” could be mini “liberty bell” wrapped around a little gold band. As favors, we would give all the guests American Flags that they could fly out in their front yards. Just like we used to do in the good old days when people actually respected Old Glory.

If one chooses NOT to marry Lady Liberty, then that person will be given a one-way ticket out of the good old USA!

If someone who is married to her but mistreats her in the form of committing tyranny or terrorism against her, well, then We, the People, will grant you a “divorce”. As part of the “divorce agreement”, the person getting the divorce will get the BOOT and a one-way ticket out of here and We, the People, will keep our freedom.

If we as a nation are not willing to make a life-long committment to upholding the Constitution and protecting Lady Liberty, then I fear the future of our Country will not survive as a free nation and history has shown us that socialism is a proven failure.

Are you willing to say “I do” to Lady Liberty or lose your Country to the Anti-American communists?



  1. and who, therefore, shall be entrusted with the task of informing the parties to this proposed marriage exactly what it is that the Constitution has to say or what the Founders intended for it to say? To whom shall that task be assigned and who will assign it?

  2. So…. who wrote this, and can’t really figure out what the word communist means?

    I challenge the (intern?) author of this article to explain ~specifically~ what they mean by communist, because I’m in Seattle, and the free market is stronger here than darn near anywhere on the continent.

    If the author does accept my challenge, I respectfully request that you cite your sources. And Fox news, or MSNBC, or any of that nonsense is not a credible source. Likewise, citing previous material publicized or distributed by this media outlet as a source would be a poor choice.

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