LaLa Land! OneLoveManchester Proves the UK Is Ripe for a Takeover


“Love always wins” and “what better way to fight evil than with love”, said Justin Bieber at Sunday’s OneLoveManchester concert today.

Just as an aside, the U.K. is monitoring 23,000 potential terrorists including 400 who fought with ISIS.

Media called the OneLoveManchester performers “defiant” and “courageous” as they sang about love Sunday. They are probably the best protected people in the country and they undoubtedly flew their Lear jets to Manchester.

Prayers, vigils, flower offerings and now concerts for the civilians slaughtered by ISIS. Children were killed and they think singing about love is the way to go.

Singing and dancing love.

Ariana Grande sang, Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Here is Ariana two years ago saying she “hates Americans” and “hates America”. She’s also said she wishes her fans would die.

Listen to Black Eyed Peas singing with Grande about “Where’s the Love”.

And they are “Strong”.

These people are ripe for a takeover.

This reminds one of John Kerry’s response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. He brought James Taylor over to Paris to sing, “You’ve Got a Friend”.

Okay, let’s all sing together now, Kumbaya!

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