Lanny Davis: Hillary Is a Good Progressive Just Like De Blasio


If there was any doubt that Bill de Blasio is a Marxist, his inaugural speech should have dispelled all doubts. One should also note that Hillary Clinton nodded in agreement throughout his speech which was littered with Marxist tenets. Clarifying her belief system was Lanny Davis, former counsel to Bill Clinton.


Hillary Clinton when she clerked on summer at the Communist law firm, Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein

Hillary and Bill Clinton were guests of the mayor at the inauguration, they are close friends according to Lanny Davis. De Blasio worked on her senate campaign and they remain friends.

Hillary can be seen throughout De Blaseo’s speech nodding in agreement to Marxist statements by de Blasio which were aimed at stealing from the rich to pay for those things he believes are important. He is going ‘to ask the rich to pay just a little bit’ more so he can use it to pay for government-controlled universal pre-K and after-school programs. Hillary nodded and smiled as he said it.

Implementing Marxism isn’t cheap, especially with all the government waste and fraud that will come with it. The money has to come from somewhere.

The rich in NY are already the most heavily taxed in the country.

De Blasio began with what has become a collectivist slogan, It Takes a Village, and then turned to nod and smile at Hillary who wrote the book, It Takes a Village, a term she did not coin. It’s an old African proverb.

He spoke of HUD and their ‘big ideas’ and she nodded enthusiastically. HUD of course was behind forcing banks to give mortgages to the poor who couldn’t afford them, leading to a flood of foreclosures during the economic crisis five years ago.

Laughably, he thanked Mayor Dinkins for ‘making New York a safer city.’ Crime and murder rates skyrocketed under Dinkins. The truth is the opposite of De Blasio’s pronouncement.

De Blasio wants social justice, income equality, and government control over children from the pre-K level on. Obviously it is what Hillary wants as well or she wouldn’t have shown her enthusiastic support.

He said that New Yorkers ‘blazed the trail of progressive reform.’  His movement is about ‘economic justice,’ which means he believes the government has the right to take as much of other peoples’ money as it wants. He ‘will take dead aim at The Tale of Two Cities’ and he ‘meant it,’ he said.

De Blasio justifies his theft from the rich by saying he is taking a small amount and it is only the cost of a latte a day. It’s hard to know why he thinks he has the right to steal a latte a day from every person making $500,000 a year. What he doesn’t say is it will become an ATM because the programs he is talking about, expensive day cares with the government as middle man, will be cost prohibitive.

He will expand the ‘paid sick leave law’ and inflict it on private business against their will. Big developers will be required to build more affordable housing, aka section 8. Hillary loved those ideas too.

He railed against the growing gap between rich and poor which his party has caused to grow in a way we have not seen since The Great Depression.

DeBlasio is an ardent supporter of Common Core which has become a vehicle for socialist government propaganda. I hate to quote Naom Chomsky but this quote fits, ‘Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.’

He concluded his speech by saying he ‘will rebuild communities from the bottom up’. De Blasio fancies himself a social engineer. He defined New York as ‘a city that fights injustice and inequality.’

To believe this, you must abandon your ideas of earned success and individualism. It is not the individual, it is the government. It is not earned success, you didn’t build that.

De Blasio will ‘make New York more fairer (sic) more just, a more Progressive place…it begins today.’

All this brought smiles and nods from Hillary Clinton.

De Blasio wants to take money from one group of people to give it to another he feels are more deserving. It is what Hillary wants too.

It’s legitimized theft.

Lanny Davis, who served as special counsel to Bill Clinton, was on The Kelly File Thursday night and he was asked if Hillary’s presence at the inaugural meant that she planned to take the country in the same direction that de Blasio plans to take New York City.

Davis, a good friend of the Clintons, said the Clintons are Progressive Democrats as is he. That’s what makes Democrats Democrats, he said. It is why his father loved Franklin Roosevelt.

Megyn Kelly mentioned that the new mayor, de Blasio, made some very far-left statements, particularly with his attacks on the rich. The class division that Marxists are so enamored with.

Lanny Davis said that de Blasio ‘is a good Progressive.’ He didn’t say the Clintons were to the left or right of him, he said ‘We are all Progressives.’

Davis didn’t say she would do things differently, he said she would have put it differently and said it in a different way.

Davis said that Bill Clinton was a Progressive Democrat but he balanced the budget. Bill Clinton proved you can be a Progressive and grow jobs, balance the budget, and it worked because he supported the free market. What Lanny failed to mention is it was Newt Gingrich closing down the government that helped Bill Clinton find religion.

From what Lanny said and from her reaction to Bill de Blasio’s Marxist speech, we can expect our Marxist regime to continue and worsen if a Hillary presidency comes to pass. Some are even talking about the socialist and faux Native-American, Elizabeth Warren, as a possible presidential candidate. It doesn’t get much crazier than that.

Democrats are now defining themselves as Progressives. The extreme wing of the Democratic party is now in power.

Progressivism is a euphemism for Marxism and it is very radical. Marxism seeks the overthrow of our government.

Marxists are patient people. They are willing to wait and bide their time. They no longer need a violent revolution, only a political revolution through gradualism.

That is what happening now, right before our eyes. The Progressives are out in the open about what they believe in. They believe in the same thing as Communists but if you call them on it, they will call you a conspiracy theorist and a nut.

Did you notice that all these people attacking the rich are rich themselves, and in the case of the Clintons, they are the super rich.

Can we expect Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio to open up their mansions and allow the poor to live with them?

There might be a different means to the end, but Hillary and de Blasio have the same goals. It sounds like she will be more insidious:

Bill de Blasio believes in Common Core from birth to adulthood. Common Core has become a vehicle for training children in socialist principles, that is especially so in New York. De Blasio is, in essence, supporting indoctrination by the government, an idea perpetuated by communists like Bill Ayers.

Listen to Bill Ayers explain that if we want change to come, we would do well to not look at seats of power we have no access to. We have ‘absolute access to the school, the neighborhood, the community…’

Speaking of community and organizing, ACORN’s Bertha Lewis was prominently seated, a more than welcomed guest at De Blasio’s inauguration.


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