LAPD caves to anti-police activists on stopping vehicles


The LAPD’s Metropolitan Division will cut back drastically on the number of vehicles randomly stopped as part of its crime-fighting tactics. Some groups say it amounts to racial profiling, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“Is the antidote or the treatment itself causing more harm to trust than whatever small or incremental reduction you may be seeing in violence?” LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the Times on Monday. He said the vehicle stops have not been effective, netting only about one arrest for every 100 cars that are pulled over.

The union disagrees and is not happy about it. The chief is caving to anti-police activists.

The chief no sooner said it wasn’t effective when he admitted they are recovering hundreds more guns.

“And even though we’re recovering hundreds more guns and those firearms represent real weapons and dangers to a community, what are we doing to the tens of thousands of people that live in those communities and their perception of law enforcement?” he asked.

Why aren’t their gun laws working? Is it because criminals don’t follow them?

At a rally Wednesday in front of the LAPD’s downtown headquarters, dozens held signs reading “Stop the Stops,” and speakers said the Times analysis illuminated the indignities suffered by L.A. residents who feel targeted by police because of their race.

The LAPD admits it stops 5 times more blacks than whites, but blacks are responsible for more than 50% of the violent crimes due to the culture.

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