Lara Trump Saw the Transcript of the President’s Condolence Call


The President told Mrs. Johnson that “your husband went into battle knowing that he could be injured, knowing that he could be killed, and he still did it, because he loves this country and he did it for the American people.”

Think Progress, the George Soros website, reported that it’s exactly what Frederica Wilson said, however, there is a huge difference between that and telling a widow her husband knew what “he signed up for” as Ms Wilson claimed.

Last Wednesday afternoon, La David Johnson’s mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, told The Washington Post that she was present during the call from the White House on Tuesday to Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson. Cowanda Jones-Johnson corroborated Rep. Wilson’s statements, saying that Trump told Myeisha that La David “must have known what he signed up for.”

Hero La David Johnson, a Green Beret, and his wife Myeshia Johnson.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Wilson’s comments are “appalling and disgusting”. She added that there is no recording of Trump’s call with Myeisha, but chief of staff John Kelly was on the call and that multiple people in the room believe Trump’s behavior on the phone was “completely respectful,” according to CNN.

There were multiple people listening in on the call for which they had 24 hours notice. One of those listening in was Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Wilson claimed she only heard part of the conversation but if she was in the car and the call was on speakerphone, she heard the entire conversation. While we don’t know the truth, the whole thing smacks of a set up.

This is a horrible tragic event being exploited and it needs to stop.

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