Largest Puerto Rican Newspaper Blames American Jews for Their Disasters


El Nueva Dia, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper, printed a column claiming the reason Puerto Rico is still a disaster is because of the Jews in America.

In reality, it’s because of their corrupt government, but Jews make a great patsy.  Wilda Rodriguez, in her article titled, “What Does ‘The Jew’ Want From the Colony?”, she contends “Wall Street types,” rather than politicians in Washington, D.C., run the government.

The “Wall Street types” are the Jews.

“In the end,” she wrote, the Forward noted, “Congress will do what ‘the Jew’ wants, as the vulgar prototype of true power is called.” Rodriguez also added, “No offense to people of that religion.”

Offense? Offense? Why would any Jew or any American take offense at that?

If the corrupt politicians in Puerto Rico want to blame the Jews, American Jews, who are Americans like Puerto Ricans, maybe they shouldn’t take any of the relief money that American Jewish taxpayers have undoubtedly contributed to. We are Americans one and all. We don’t separate out our Jews.

The article continues. “More than 20 years ago, the Israeli paper Ma’ariv had an article in Hebrew that explained how the Jews control Washington,” Rodriguez went on. “For Israelis, recognizing Jewish power over Washington is not an offensive statement. It is the victory of the Diaspora.”

And Jews are now punishing Puerto Ricans because they’ve not repaid their $70 billion in debt, she suggested.

“That we could get away without paying would be fatal to Wall Street morale,” she wrote. “The punishment needs to make it clear to the debtor world that Wall Street cannot be manipulated.”

Leftist politicians have run that territory into the ground. Communists, Socialists and liberals, aka Progressives, have corrupted that land. Jews had nothing to do with it.

As the Daily Caller and Washington Times wrote: “The federal oversight board that publicly complained late last month about small Christmas bonuses for Puerto Rico’s government employees is squandering millions of dollars to pay lawyers who charge hundreds of dollars per hour and to hire lobbying firms and public relations firms. … Taxpayers in Puerto Rico are directly paying the salaries for oversight board employees. Puerto Rican taxpayers are also directly funding the entire $60 million annual budget for the oversight board, which Congress created in 2016 to manage Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy debt repayment.”

How is that the fault of the American Jew?

It’s the Progressive handbook — always makes scapegoats out of Americans and Jews. It’s effective.

The Washington Times reported that the newspaper apologized and said it’s not necessarily the opinion of the board, leaving the article up. Go to Hell El Nueva Dia. You know exactly what you were doing. How about a thank you instead — you leftists who harm your own people?

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Janet Clare
Janet Clare
6 years ago

See, American Jews, how much your fellow Lefties, Socialists to Progressives, feel bonded with you politically, despite ancient, knee-jerk hatreds? Oh, wait…

Lee Sargeant
Lee Sargeant
6 years ago

sounds like the moslems hit their shores.