Larry Kudlow Explains Trudeau “Stabbed Us [US] in the Back”


Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, in an appearance on CNN, explained that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stabbed the U.S. and the other members of the G7 in the back this weekend. His comments came after the Canadian leader attacked President Trump in a press conference following successful trade negotiations.

“We went through [the trade issue]. We agreed. We compromised on the communique. We joined the communique in good faith,” he said. Then Trudeau, Kudlow continued, “holds a press conference, and he said the U.S. is insulting. He says that Canada has to stand up for itself.”

The economic adviser pointed out that Canada has placed massive tariffs on U.S. goods.

“He really kind of stabbed us in the back,” he added.

Read more about how it went down here:

President Trump Finishes Off Justin Trudeau After He Double-Deals



  1. Sen. Graham downplayed McCain’s remarks about Trump supporters being in favor of globalism. He says the people are against “Free Trade”.

    What is it with so many “Republicans” that will put Corporatism ahead of everything else, as if it is their god. When it comes to THIS, it would seem these same politicians throw the Constitution out the window. When it comes to tariffs, those fees Are Constitutional.

    These disgusting politicians seem to forget the the Preamble, which sets forth the entire “purpose” of the document. What are the first words, written larger than the rest, with a pride never written before, tall words, proud words saying “We the People”. It is the people who are the focus and not some “Created Entity”. These politicians have NO problem if half the country are unemployed due to “Trade Agreements”. I had No idea the Nafta Agreement “allowed” substantial “tariffs” on American products. Obviously the politicians have more concerns with corporate donors filling their pockets. As a line in the “Tucker” movie described it so well. “That’s something you never see, a politician with his hands in his OWN pockets”. Therefore America First means following the Constitution.

    When it comes to trade, if the country is in a situation that consistently maintains full employment then we are partly at a level status. Furthermore, trade deficits aren’t just a matter of an imbalance on the books of the economy but a “transfer” of wealth OUT of the country. This means investment internally is siphoned off and sent abroad. As this progresses then businesses close and employment is reduced. It’s a double-dose disaster.

    Another challenge is the foreign ownership of US businesses. Do the profits of these corporations transfer back to the originating company. How much is that balanced against the wealth maintained in this country. I doubt these figures are included in any trade deficits. As Trump has said, all this is part of overall trade strategy in negotiations. Yet, those as Graham seem too ignorant to understand basic economic principles on the global scale. He has, at best, a superficial understanding of these matters, especially by saying Trump and hi supporters are against “free trade”, the Constitution notwithstanding.

  2. We should also consider Trudeau’s party, the Liberal Party, had a resounding defeat Thursday in Ontario, which is directly across from Detroit. It wasn’t just a defeat but even more than a shellacking. They needed a minimum of 8 to even be part of debate and only received 7. In comparison the more Conservative party received over 70. No doubt Trudeau was trying to prove to the public he is a “leader”, and failed.

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