Las Vegas Killer Tried to Blow Up Fuel Tanks


Caveat: This report comes from The Las Vegas Review Journal.

The gunman in the Las Vegas massacre planned to escape after targeting the country music concert, but instead left behind a note and killed himself, according to Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. He also appears to have attempted to blow up fuel tanks within 2,000 feet of the hotel, tanks are owned by McCarran International Airport.

Two bullet holes were found in an aviation fuel tank, and one bullet penetrated the container, The Las-Vegas Review Journal reported Wednesday, citing “knowledgable” sources. No fire or explosion was caused.

The bullet holes in the tanks have since been repaired and were inspected by the FBI, according to the Review-Journal.

Paddock visited several music festivals in the Las Vegas area

Paddock booked hotel rooms in Chicago in August overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival which Malia Obama attended. He also rented a room at a condo complex overlooking the rap concert, Life is Beautiful held September 22 to September 25. These could have been dry runs.

Perhaps the fuel tanks were an attraction for him?

Paddock led a secretive life and his girlfriend is not forthcoming. It hardly seems possible that she knew nothing but we don’t have all the information authorities have.

He had an escape plan and perhaps he had help

Lombardo has not ruled out anything including terrorism and he suspects the killer had help. He’s finding it hard to believed he brought up all the equipment by himself. Not having seen the equipment, it’s impossible to judge, but Paddock was big, 6’5″.

“He was doing everything possible to see how he could escape at this point,” Lombardo said.

If he had an escape plan, was the house Danley was told to buy in the Philippines part of an escape plan?

Paddock was seen with another woman in the days before the shooting.

The sheriff seems pretty certain Paddock thought he could escape after the attack which, if true, throws suicide theories out the window and highlights the psychopathy angle.

Before killing himself, Paddock, 64, had set up cameras inside and outside his hotel suite, and in the peep hole.

Police also found 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his car in the Mandalay Bay hotel parking lot, according to Lombardo. There was also a note in his hotel room, but it was not a suicide note, he said, without providing details on what it said.

“What we know is Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring guns and ammo, and living a secret life,” Lombardo said. “Anything that would indicate this individual trigger point, which would cause him to inflict this harm, we’re not there yet.”

Something may have happened between October last year and September this year that compelled him to purchase more weapons and ultimately lead to the massacre. The killer bought 33 firearms, mostly rifles, during that 11-month period, authorities said.

“Do you think this was all accomplished on his own? You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point,” Lombardo said.

He highlighted the killer’s many weapons and explosives in his car. Investigators say evidence shows Paddock meticulously planned the shooting, a sign that the man was culpable and not legally insane.

People are making an issue of the medication he took, but Valium just isn’t that powerful and two prescriptions a year apart is hardly an issue. What is an issue is what happened to make him request an anti-anxiety drug starting in June of last year? What happened in September? Was it something political?

“Was he doing pre-surveillance? We don’t know yet, this is all conjecture at this point,” Lombardo said.


  1. Now there is a report that the security guard who was shot was actually involved. Supposedly the ATF found an extreme amount of gunpowder residue on his person. And that he may have been a “second shooter” using the other window. From all the audio I had heard it didn’t sound as if two were firing at the same time although in one case a series sounded as though it may have been an echo. But this could be accounted for by the different angles of each room and either two shooters or the one moving from one room to another. In any event if a security guard was involved it Could explain how so many weapons made it into the room.

  2. I read where Boston was also a target which shows a sign of intricate planning on a large scale. It really gives credence to the claim by ISIS of their involvement. Some countered by stating he wasn’t personally trained by them, but that is disputed by the fact others who had no personal contact still committed terrorist acts. We certainly cannot overlook or minimize the extent of the threat. Considering the mass of weapons along with explosives takes the situation to an entirely new level. This seems to go much further than any kind of delusions or even hatred. It makes the determining of motivation even more important. The fuel tanks further elevates concerns of the situation. What is says of a person is the slaughter of many isn’t sufficient carnage. THIS is a level only seen in Islamic terrorists.

    It is easily understandable that the Sheriff assumes others Had to be involved, especially considering all the locations that were under consideration. Then, there’s the brother. I’ve seen many people being interviewed after horrific events but never have I seen such a bizarre display as he showed. It may have been innocent shock but it surely is unique. In one clip of the interview he states his brother supports him and the rest of the family. In another clip he sounds as if each has acquired their own personal wealth.

    In this case the media has seemed to take a decidedly different approach to the coverage. It has been the modus operandi of news organizations to uncover every tidbit of information about a person involved in such events. Yet, in this case, there is little effort in reporting the background of those who are cursory involved. This is atypical for the industry.

  3. ” … Something may have happened between October last year and September this year that compelled him to purchase more weapons and ultimately lead to the massacre. The killer bought 33 firearms, mostly rifles, during that 11-month period, authorities said. … ”

    Yes Trump became President of the USA.

    I think my theory that Paddock is a leftist who chose that crowd because he hates right wing people who elected Trump might be right…

    • and then all the attempts by the left (and their accomplice; the main stream media) to destroy Trump crumbled to the ground one after the other…the Russia thing and Comey and all that was supposed to force Trump to quit or have him impeached or at minimum prove he was evil, all of it all crumbled to dust…and liberals were humiliated again as they were when Hillary the 96% sure to win candidate lost…

      the left is desperate which is why they turned to hiring Antifa thugs to beat up people

      Paddock was also desperate and found his own solution; shoot a large crowd of white right wing Trump voters and eliminate as many as he could.

      I could be wrong…but that is my theory…for now …until we have better evidence…

  4. I also believe the drugs had nothing to do with anything, unless someone used them against him! There is more to this than what we are finding out! Why set up cameras if you were going to kill yourself?

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