Last Conservative Show on a Major Network Is Canceled Despite High Ratings


Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing continues to have good ratings but it has been cancelled ABC nonetheless. The popular comedy also happens to be the last conservative show on any of the major networks.

In an update, Tim Allen has responded to the cancellation.

Cancelling the right-wing voice from the media is believed to be a symptom of the Culture War. Disney is being accused of playing politics.

We used to see shows like Highway to Heaven and Little House on the Prairie, now we have social justice warriors and vulgar comedians.

Tim Allen has been a vocal conservative and ABC is liberal. There is reason to believe ABC is playing politics.

Social media has lighted up with threats of a boycott for pulling a successful show.

Deadline reported:

The show was ABC’s second-most-watched comedy this season, with 8.1 million viewers, only behind Modern Family. Deadline Hollywood, which broke the news of the cancellation, reported that The Last Man Standing was “hitting ratings highs in its sixth season.”

Many viewers of the show think that the decision is being made by liberal ABC, owned by Disney, primarily because the series is about an unashamedly conservative character (Mike Baxter) played by a conservative actor. Allen told Jimmy Kimmel in March that living in Hollywood right now was akin to being in Nazi Germany.

Tim Allen wasn’t anti-Trump and, about Hillary and Bill, he said: “The Clintons are like herpes: just when you think they’re gone, they show up again.”

The outrage over the cancellation on social media continues.

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