Latest Attacks on “Hostage” Melania from Leftist Looney Toons


Just about every day, the media attacks Melania Trump, an elegant lady, an immigrant to this country. They can only find fault with her from her including her business credentials on a White House bio to her bad English.

This past week, she was also condemned for her gift giving and her facial expression.

The media and social media are mocking Melania Trump for giving a gift to Michelle Obama who did seem to have problems accepting it. Mrs. Trump was insulted for giving a gift and for giving a gift from Tiffany’s to Michelle Obama. The left apparently wanted her to give the departing First Lady a gift from a consignment shop or no gift at all. When did gift giving become a negative trait?

The left complained that it was awkward and not appreciated by the First Lady.

A video clip (see below) is making the rounds that has a screenshot of a somber Melania. Look for the precise moment Donald Trump turns around and Melania’s facial expression turns somber during the Inauguration. Also at that exact time, the Reverend Billy Graham began to speak. Melania was obviously turning serious for the Reverend’s speech.

The left claims her expression changed because she doesn’t like her husband. There’s a hashtag campaign on Twitter, #FreeMelania.

The deplorable New York Daily News wrote:

The First Lady can be seen in a cringe-worthy video clip from Friday’s inauguration ceremony flashing a beaming smile for her husband only to have a cloud of gloom come over her face the second he looks away. […]

To make matters even more awkward, the video began circulating online just one day after the presidential couple’s 12th wedding anniversary, prompting the #FreeMelania hashtag to pop up across social media.

“It really feels like he is holding her hostage,” one Twitter user speculated.

Chelsea Handler attacked Melania claiming she wouldn’t interview her because she doesn’t speak English well enough for her. She forgot Melania speaks five languages. Click on this link for the reaction from Fox Nes

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7 years ago

Anytime a Billionaire wants to dress me in the latest fashions, make me first lady of our country, give me FREE reign to fly home to New York where I live on 5th Ave in luxury, raise my son in the best schools, instil me with the power to make changes to our country’s attitudes on bullying ,,, I’d be glad to have that job.

Veronika S. Normal
Veronika S. Normal
7 years ago

How Juvenile!!! How OLD are these women?? It looks like mental illness is rampant among these women. Too bad that their parents did not teach these old women that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.