Latest Bizarre Claim by Global Warming Alarmists


early man

Man, farmers specifically, caused global warming – 7,000 years ago, according to the latest computer prediction.

A new analysis of ice-core climate data, archaeological evidence and ancient pollen samples are being used to suggest farming some 7,000 years ago helped put the brakes on a natural cooling process of the global climate, possibly contributing the warmer climate seen today, Fox News reported.

There weren’t very many people in those days and there weren’t any fossil-fuel plants so how do they make it about man and what should we do about it? Kill ourselves?

Jagadish Shukla

This is out of the University of Virginia and was done by an international team.

The ancient men allegedly burned forests to clear the way for crops and altered the climate, these silly people reported. They determined this from ice-core records dating back 800,000 years ago. [doubtful it was from cave men, probably natural events like volcanoes, but we can’t mess with these brilliant scientists]

“Early farming helped keep the planet warm,” Ruddiman said in a statement, regarding the study that appeared in a recent edition of the journal Reviews of Geophysics, published by the American Geophysical Union

Oh, and by the way, one of the climatologists who wants to put deniers in jail under RICO laws, Jagadish Shukla and his family made a tidy profit of $500,000 in salary and benefits last year from the government-funded organization behind it, the Global Environment and Society.




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