Latest Death Threats Against President Trump from the Civil Progressives


Ted Kornblum, who is the CEO of Magnatone Guitars and Amplifiers has recently posted on Facebook that he hopes President Trump will DIE in the following 100 days of his inauguration. His tweets are protected and the Facebook post has been removed, but this was posted Monday.

He reportedly followed up with this an image of Travis Bickle, the political assassin portrayed by Robert De Niro in the iconic movie Taxi Driver next to Trump.

Kornblum followed up his original Facebook message with the following apology (the Facebook page is offline Tuesday).

“Earlier today a frivolous, insensitive political post went out on Facebook.vIt should not have. Magnatone is not a political organization, respects the beliefs and opinions of all people, and does business accordingly. I personally share these values of our brand. I sincerely regret this careless mistake, and apologize to anyone, anywhere, who may have been offended. I can assure you this will not happen again. Thank you.”

Many people, including talk radio host John Cardillo, have reported the incident to law enforcement and Secret Service through social media.

On Sunday, Trump received another threat from a British columnist.

India Knight is a columnist for the Sunday Times UK and she absolutely hates Donald Trump. Her Twitter page is filled with hate-Trump tweets and retweets.

She must be a very objective writer, look at this next tweet. In it she wonders why the assassination is taking so long. This tweet is still on her twitter page as recently as Monday.

These people can say anything they want.

Imagine if people threatened to kill Barack Obama?



  1. People, I don’t think that this comment is a threat because it lacks the criteria to be an actual threat. I would say that it is a conversation that this country needs to curb though. Please correct me if I am wrong but I read that he is saying that he is to important and to much of a coward to do something that he wants someone else to do for him, right? God bless.

  2. He needs to be arrested and tortured to the point he cannot be recognized by those who unfortunately know him. no mercy on this piece of trash. No Mercy!

  3. If Trump gets assassinated, I have a feeling that a lot of those that called for his assassination, even in jest, will succumb to random acts of violence. One should be careful for what you wish upon others, it may be visited back upon YOU!

  4. This man is a need to have some consequences to his comment I’m so sick of the rude comments start making these people be accountable for their actions I’m so tired of these no common sense people

  5. Be careful what you wish for , because if those men are killed . You may not get what you want in the next person in line and they could make everything so much WORSE than what your getting from Trump!

  6. Trump doing the exact opposite of what he’s doing would be treasonous or illegal. Are you so use to putting this country last and ignoring our Constitution that you want those in charge to break our laws?? Killing Trump won’t stop his agenda. The Patriots and veterans of our nation shall press on. Time for America to be as it should, a government of the people.

  7. Why are these people still free ? Careful what u wish for it will come back to you one way or another. Yes those are threats to someone life and need to be treated as such. It does not matter if u do not like the president he is our president like it or not there is nothing can do about it and like the other person said if he said get killed that only puts yall calling for it first on the list to be taken out. Remember what goes around comes around.

  8. Comments like this just show how ignorant and hopeless people have become. They always release their anger without thought. Trump cannot be blamed for the problems we face today, these problems were caused by career politicians and clearly Trump has never been a paid liar. He may not get the facts 100 percent right all the time but neither did others before him. Obama ran his campaign in 52 states but no one cared, it was a simple mistake. Trump has never had a break from the bashing but he. Ontinues to move forward.

  9. Wow you liberals are some hateful crazy people. If anything happens to him, I hope that every threat mentioned anywhere will make your lives miserable. Watch what you wish for, someone may get as crazy as you and retlaiate.

  10. I say this ! For eight years we had a man that did nothing to help our country at all , he did nothing to help with race relations, he did as he wished with his executive order after order which did nothing but put America even further and further in debt and divided this country between police and young black men we set back and watched his failed policies such as Obama care ,TPP, Iran money grab,just to list a few his giving our tax dollars away and steal the Media was silent , Now Trump comes in and wins the election without hardly any help from the Media or anyone else Trumps message was heard loud and clear by hard working Americans all over this country that only wanted to put America First , the man is no racist he’s no hater no more then any other person ever set in the oval office he’s only trying to help and for you that say stuff about trying to kill one of the greatest men to ever hold this position shame on you, that’s the President of the United States I’m offended to say the least my President deserves better then the last Idiot in office I hope and Pray you get a jail sentence for many years .

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