Latest From Sen McCain Shows His Deep Level of Corruption, Dishonesty


The Daily Caller reports that over the summer, Trump-hating Republican Senator John McCain called other senators to tell them that it was “insanity” to repeal and replace Obamacare.

He notoriously voted even against the so-called ‘skinny bill’. President Trump called McCain at the 11th hour and tried to talk him out of it.

I thank you, Mr. President, for your involvement,” McCain told Trump minutes before he shot down the party’s last attempt to overhaul Obamacare. “I cannot vote for something called Skinny Repeal. I can’t do it. I didn’t even see the bill until today. I mean, this is insanity. I appreciate the call and now I have to go vote, and I’m sorry.”

In other words, he bald-faced lied when he ran on repealing Obamacare.

In an interview with Esquire on Monday, the barely Republican senator ripped apart the President, saying he doesn’t think the president has “principles and beliefs.”

“I don’t agree with the way he’s conducting his presidency, obviously,” McCain said. 

“He’s an individual that unfortunately is not anchored by a set of principles. I think he’s a person who takes advantage of situations.”

McCain said Trump was “successful” as a builder and an entrepreneur.

“But I don’t think he has the fundamental underpinnings of principles and beliefs,” he said.

McCain is famous for preferring Obama’s leadership. He knew Obama was violating the Constitution.

What kind of values does McCain have when he lied about repeal and replace? Why should we listen to this liar?

Listen to his constant lies during the debate.



  1. McCain is a two-faced liar, traitor and all around scum bag…. He is the poster child for term limits of ALL politicians… Our ONLY hope is that he does something to throw some dirt on Killary and he “MYSTERIOUSLY” dies by multiple guns shots to the head in a suicide attempt ( sic)…

  2. McCain is a traitor. McCain is called “songbird” by his captors. McCain had the records of his ‘confessions’ sealed. McCain is NOT A WAR HERO! McCain is a TRAITOR! McCain should be in prison…’til death!

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