Latest Kanye Interview After Losing $2 Billion


Kanye West returned to Instagram after allegedly being restricted by the social media platform, and wrote that he lost $2 billion in one day amid a swirling controversy centered on anti-Semitic comments made by the rapper-entrepreneur.

The post includes a reference to Ari Emanuel, the Endeavor Content boss who was among the business leaders who spoke out urging businesses cease doing business with West, known as Ye.

“Ari Emanuel, I lost 2 billion dollars in one day and I’m still alive,” West wrote overnight. “This is love speech. I still love you. God still loves you. The money is not who I am. The people is who I am.”

The list is growing of companies and projects that have severed ties with West.

This is Kanye’s latest off-the-cuff interview.

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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
3 months ago

The reason I left the republican party for the Constitution Party is because the republicans make allies of people like West. Almost every time the republicans get betrayed. Yet they keep coming back for more.