Latest Obamacare Delay Over Rule Mandating Health Insurance Equality



Forget Uncle Sam, we’re talking Uncle Karl Marx

Obama has delayed another provision in Obamacare that affects employer-sponsored health insurance. Obamacare forbids any employee from getting better health insurance than any other employee. “Highly-compensated employees” cannot receive health insurance perks.

No matter how lowly the job, all employees will get the exact same health insurance as top-level executives.

Will we one day pay everyone the same salary too? Will the person who mops the floor get the same salary as a doctor or a computer analyst?

This rule has been put on hold until the IRS determines what it means to be a “highly-compensated employee” as outlined in Obamacare.

Companies don’t know what the rule mans so they can’t follow this rule at the present time. If they don’t follow the rule, there is a penalty of $100 per day for every employee who doesn’t get the same healthcare benefits as the higher-ups.

Meanwhile, only 11% of the 2 million alleged Obamacare enrollees were without healthcare prior to the law’s passage. That means a lot of the sign-ups are people who had their insurance cancelled. Obamacare is a bad joke.

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