Latest Poll Has Trump Within a Point of Ted Cruz in Texas


Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump told Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends that he plans to take Cruz out in Texas.

“I think I’ll do very well in Texas, I have tremendous friendships in Texas and ted is the sitting senator there. We have a sitting senator in Florida and I’m number one by far in Florida and the governor of Ohio — I’m number one in Ohio. That came out yesterday. People were surprised. But substantially number one in Ohio. So when you look at Ohio and you look at Florida, now the only one I have to do is Texas. I will focus on that. I’m very close. I mean it’s very close. I don’t know the accuracy of the polls.”

When asked it that would give him the election, he said, “Well, I think I have nothing to do lose, yes, if he loses Texas or if Marco loses Florida, you know, I think if Kasich loses Ohio certainly that would not be awe inspiring for them.”


CBS analyzed the possibility of Trump being defeated at this point. They concluded mathematically, yes, but politically it’s going to get a lot harder.

Matt Drudge who is a famous Libertarian-Conservative with a heavily-trafficked website put up a banner declaring Trump the Republican nominee and followed it up with a tweet saying there is “zero doubt”.

Drudge has expressed his support for Trump.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump won 44 percent of Hispanic voters in the Republican Party’s Nevada Caucus Tuesday night, however, Hispanics are only 8% of the Republican caucus goers.

The Nevada Republican Party reported Wednesday morning that more than 75,000 voters participated in the contest out of a population of around three million. In 2012, only about 33,000 Republican voters showed up to caucus.

A somewhat questionable survey with a large margin of error has Trump within one point of Ted Cruz in Texas.

The Emerson College survey finds Cruz with 29 percent support and Trump with 28 percent – well within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4.6 percent.

Other polls have a margin of 5 and 8 points.

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Rep. Brooks of Alabama said in 12 to 18 months, a large number of Donald Trump voters will regret their choice because they are not concentrating on issues. Maybe so, but it won’t be boring.


You have to watch Donald Trump crash the Glenn Beck event to promote Ted Cruz. He’s unbelievable.

This is how Nevada panned out. It’s Trump’s third straight win.

Nevada Feb 23 2016