Latest on Shooting at NSA Headquarters as of 1:00 pm


Three people when injured when their van slammed into a security barrier at NSA headquarters in Maryland. An NSA police officer opened fire on the suspect vehicle.

CBS’ Jeff Pegues gave an update offered by the FBI. The three people in the van are being held by authorities and one appears to be cooperating.


The unauthorized vehicle attempted to enter the agency’s campus shortly after 7 a.m. and “weapons were discharged in the course of the incident.” There is no ongoing threat and the situation is under control.

The vehicle was being tailed by Maryland State Police at the time. The vehicle turned on to the exit road of the NSA campus in Fort Meade, Maryland. They hit a barrier near the security gate. It sounds like they were trying to evade the police and definitely made a wrong turn.

The vehicle was a rental with New York license plates.

Aerial footage shows bullet holes in the windshield, but officials told CBS no one in the car was hurt by gunfire. One person was taken to the hospital with injuries sustained in the crash.

There is no information about whether there were weapons in the car or why the police were tailing them.

The incident is not believed to be terror-related.

In 2015, two men dressed as women tried to ram the gate.

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