Latvia confirms they flagged suspicious payments to Burisma & Hunter Biden


John Solomon reports that Latvian officials confirmed they flagged suspicious payments to Burisma and Hunter Biden in February 2016. They alerted Ukraine to decide the next steps.

The Feb. 18, 2016 alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering, and it specifically questioned whether Vice President Joe Biden’s younger son and three other officials at Burisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds.

The memo was released to Mr. Solomon by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed by the Latvian embassy to the United States.

Latvian authorities didn’t get any incriminating information back.

They identified loan payments of $16.6 million routed from companies in Beliz and the U.K. to Burisma through Ukraine’s PrivatBank between 2012 and 2015.

They were “partially transferred” to Hunter Biden, who was a board member at the time in 2014. Latvian officials sent Ukraine a letter to ask Ukrainian officials for any evidence about whether the funds were involved in corruption.

They never heard back.

Biden already had Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired a month after the letter was sent. He was investigating Burisma.

Someone(s) later tried to kill the top prosecutor Viktor Shokin twice.

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