Laughing Man stabs 9-year-old in the back with a MACHETE [video]


Esteban Portugues

David Dees described the scene when a 9-year-old boy of Covington, Kentucky was stabbed in the back with a machete. “It makes me feel disgusted that somebody can do that to a 9-year-old and think it’s funny because the suspect walked away laughing about it,” David Dees said after a 9-year-old was stabbed in the back with a machete on a Covington playground.

The boy is described as sweet and innocent and recovering. Two older teens were able to run away. All three boys ran to escape the machete-wielding man but the 9-year-old couldn’t keep up.

Esteban Portugues, 35, stabbed the boy in the back and his right shoulder. He and two other boys had been playing basketball.

The report from local 2, Covington:

Dees’ house is across the street from where it happened. He has security cameras that caught some of what happened Friday night near the corner of W. 11th and Hermes Ave.

The video shows three men walk from between the two houses across the street. A few moments later, you can see what looks to be a machete held up by one of the men. A little later, they go back around between the two houses.

Only Portugues was arrested. Police say he stabbed the boy.

A minute later, three people walk along the fence line next to the court.

You can’t see the attack in the video but you can see the boys run when they see the machete. Two got away but the 9-year-old didn’t.

“I’m glad it didn’t kill him. I was told if it went a couple more inches to the right, in his back, it would have went through his heart,” David said.

Someone called 911 and the police showed up.

The boy was operated on and had been stabbed in the back and right shoulder. Early reports say Portugues was angry the boys were playing basketball.

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