Laura Ingraham Torches a Vengeful, Globalist George W. Bush


Former president George W. Bush has found his voice and he’s using it to knock the President while overseas. He wouldn’t say a word when Barack Obama was in office, trampling our U.S. Constitution and trashing him. Ingraham absolutely torched Bush for his latest comments


At a business conference in Abu Dhabi, W. said Russia interfered in our election. “Putin is a brilliant tactician who has the capacity to detect weakness and exploit it,” Bush said, jabbing not so subtly at the President.

Ever the globalist and fond of open borders, the man who allowed many of those 11 million into the country, continued on to immigration.

Our system is broken but we’ve got to fix it. I had tried, but unsuccessfully,” he said without naming Trump. He also didn’t try very hard at all.

“It is important for our economy and also important for our soul that the immigration system functions well.”

It’s interesting how George now wants to enforce our borders.

On Mexico, he said: “I view it as a relationship vital for our economy and for our stability. We’ve got to enforce our borders and we’ve got to enforce our laws.

“There are people willing to do jobs Americans won’t do. A lot of Americans don’t like picking cotton at 105 degrees. But there are people who want to put food on their family’s table and are willing to do that.”

These people are also members of cartels, international gangs, terror organizations, youth gangs, and some are simply looking for welfare.


Laura Ingraham torched Bush. She mentioned his mediocre paintings, saying he painted “dogs” that looked like “goats”.

Bush, she said, failed to utter a word when Obama was “taking a wrecking ball to America’s domestic and foreign policy.”

The Fox News host listed a litany of Obama assaults against which Bush “failed to lodge even the tamest of insults”. She included the times Bush “remained silent:

  • when “Obama upended our healthcare system”;
  • when “Obama ran through bloated spending bills and exploded our debt”;
  • “horror stories at the VA” still left Bush “in total silence”;
  • when “our men were abandoned in Benghazi” by the Obama administration and then Obama “sent Susan Rice out to lie about the attack the cat had W’s tongue”;
  • when “Obama threatened religious liberty with his contraception mandate, crickets.”

“When asked to comment about Obama’s policies, this was Bush’s customary response,” she correctly said.

Ingraham continued, saying that W. is “eager to sound off” and do it “on foreign soil.” “That’s nice,” she said ironically.

“Hillary Clinton couldn’t have said it better herself”, she said.

Ms. Ingraham played a few clips of W. bashing Trump.

“If I were George W. Bush, I wouldn’t be so quick to bring up Russian meddling. I kind of recall — remember that ranch in Crawford? He was pretty cozy with Putin when he came to visit in Texas. Remember, he looks into Vlad’s eyes, and I think he saw his soul, as I recall.”

“So it was okay to try to work with Russia back then, but not now, right? Well, I say this about looking into Putin’s soul. How did bush so badly misjudged Vladimir Putin?”

“Look, let’s face it. Bush is repulsed by Donald Trump because, number one, Trump is more of an economic nationalist. And number two, Trump’s election was a repudiation of both of the Bushes and the Clintons. And also, of course, W. is still smarting from Trump’s trouncing his baby brother, Jeb, in the primaries.”

There’s a lot more, watch:

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