Laura Ingraham Unleashes on Poison Pill Spending-Border Bill – Update


Laura Ingraham has unleashed on Twitter over the new spending bill which also deals with the border issue. Her comments aren’t wrong, but we aren’t’ as certain as she is that he shouldn’t sign it. There is an amnesty provision which sets up chain migration as we wrote early this morning.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the President will sign the bill and then declare a national emergency.

The bill gives amnesty to a sponsor, potential sponsor, or a relative of an unaccompanied child. On p. 25, it reads:

“None of the funds provided by this Act or any other Act, or provided from any accounts in the Treasury of the United States derived by the collection of fees available to the components funded by this Act, may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child (as defined in section 462(g) of the Homeland Security Act…”

And yes, it will encourage all of Central America and the world to join a caravan.

There are other provisions of concern that might limit any future declaration or use of funds to build a wall. There appears to be a section that allows low-level officials to stop any wall in their jurisdiction. Also, if he declares an emergency and takes from other funds he will be sued and might not have the protections normally afforded the government when he tries to build on private land.

It limits building in five key areas.

It is obvious Republicans and Democrats do not want a wall. He has no support. Polls claim to show the American people want him to sign the monstrosity, but they have been lied to and polls are unreliable.

We don’t know what he should do since another shutdown will allegedly damage the economy.

Laura Ingraham is a lawyer and sees it as a scam, a trick.


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4 years ago

Mr. President, do NOT sign this Poison Bill!

4 years ago

Trump is not fooled by this destroy-America amnesty bill. He is IN ON IT!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This is the same strategic bill as Obamacare monstrosity, only this time Republicans are supporting, and sad to say Ann Coulter was right in book Adios America/The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole.

4 years ago

Both parties in the house and senate are a JOKE……………. the deal spends nearly 40 times as much American taxpayer money on foreign aid as it does on a border wall. In total, about $50 billion is spent on foreign aid, including:
•$9.15 billion for international security assistance
•$1.9 billion for foreign food and hunger programs
•$3.1 billion for global health programs
•$3 billion for international development assistance
•$3.7 billion to support the economies of foreign countries
•$4.4 billion for international disaster assistance
•$3.8 billion for assistance for foreign refugees

4 years ago

With an 83-16 vote there’s little recourse that Trump has whether signing it or not.