Laura Ingraham’s Powerful Statement to Critics Upon her Return to Fox


Extremist kid David Hogg and his allies at Media Matters attempted to get Laura Ingraham fired using an unAmerican boycott of her advertisers. That followed her tweet-goofing on the Hogg kid who complained that he didn’t get into the colleges he wanted because of his SAT scores.

The advertisers started to drop out and it looked like Ms. Ingraham would not survive. As it turned out, Fox News stood behind her and stated the obvious — the boycott was agenda-driven.

Laura had a pre-planned week off for the Easter vacation so she could spend time with her three children. She’s back and she’s swinging. Her statement last night was perfect.

She Calls Out the Stalinists

“My friends, something alarming is taking place,” Ingraham began. “The free speech clause of our Constitution doesn’t just apply to speech that the elites deem acceptable. It exists to support speech that is by its nature offensive.”

“We indeed are reaching a crisis point, where cultural walls are now being erected to conscript and still free speech in America. But we cannot let this continue,” she said. “Their efforts are Stalinist, pure and simple.”

Ingraham ended her monologue with a powerful message to those who would silence her and other conservatives: “We will never relent. And we will never give in.”

“Never,” she reiterated. “And that’s the angle.”

Ms. Ingraham plans to include a segment on “Defending the First” Amendment.

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