Law Firm Running Corrupt DNC-Clinton Show Intimately Tied to George Soros


The Democratic law firm tied to Fusion GPS, the infamous dossier, and the Clinton campaign, is also tied to George Soros as is Fusion GPS. Law firm Perkins Coie is employed by Soros for day-to-day work attacking Republican initiatives affecting the vote in the United States.

The Perkins Coie lawyer at the heart of the Clinton-DNC corruption, Marc Elias has been described as a “Democratic superlawyer” who has worked on election recounts and redistricting battles on behalf of Democrats, including Senator Al Franken. With funding from heavyweight liberal donor George Soros, Elias has fought Republican-backed laws he contends disenfranchise minority voters who typically support Democrats.

The DNC, Democratic National Committee, were provably puppets of the Clinton campaign.

Donna Brazile’s new book discusses at length how Hillary Clinton bought the loyalty of the DNC and robbed Bernie Sanders of all opportunity to beat her. We knew that thanks in part to Wikileaks, but Brazile probably wants to distance herself from the corruption and she does provide more proof.

Elias’s firm Perkins Coie funneled the money from Hillary Clinton and her puppets, the Democrat National Committee, to Fusion GPS. Former DNC chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), did not bother to notify the DNC’s own leadership when the server breach was discovered.

Wassermann-Schultz also wouldn’t let the FBI have direct access to their computers. Instead she used a third-party tied to Fusion GPS – Crowd Strike – and the FBI went along with it.

Instead of contacting the FBI, the DNC went running to the reassuring arms and watchful eyes of Perkins Coie. It was their lawyers, we are told, who made the decision to hire a private contractor outside of law enforcement, CrowdStrike, which also receives Soros funding.

Wassermann-Schultz waited a month before she notified anyone of the breach, the leak, the hack, whatever, to the DNC servers.

In a June 14, 2016, article, the Washington Post stated “committee officials and security experts responded to the breach” and “DNC leaders were tipped to the hack in late April.”

They reported “Chief executive Amy Dacey got a call from her operations chief saying that their information technology team had noticed some unusual network activity.” Dacey enlisted a lawyer from Perkins Coie, who “called in” the private security firm CrowdStrike “to handle the DNC breach.”

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6 years ago

Everything always seem to lead back to soros, doesn’t it? How many politicians has he bought? Could this be why Seth Richards was murdered? Could he have found out about the clintons stealing the elections and in turn, leaked it to Wikileaks? So many questions, yet to be answered. ..let’s hope the DOJ is working on it as we speak!