Law Firm Wants to Charge the Food Industry for People Eating Too Much



Obese, blame the food

A law firm hopes to sue the food industry based on the fact that some people eat too much, become obese and develop obesity-related illnesses. Unlike the tobacco lawsuits, where the goal was to eliminate it, the goal here will be to tax food that doesn’t meet the caloric standards of the government, and, of course, the lawyers will get rich in the process.

The costs would be passed on to the consumer.

The Valorem law firm is behind this great idea. They want to make the food industry, not the people who eat too much, pay for the alleged rising obesity problem and obesity-related illnesses.

The firm sent letters to the Attorneys General of Oregon, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, DC, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi to hire them to go after food companies, starting with the companies with the biggest market shares like McDonald’s, Nestle, Pepsico, and so on.

The internal documents of these corporations would be subpoenaed and obesity researchers would come up with research to show the guilt of the corporations who would then be given an opportunity to ‘settle.’ If they don’t settle, lawsuits will follow.

No AG’s have responded YET but the Grocery Association said ‘Proponents of bans, taxes, and lawsuits as a means to curb obesity don’t truly understand the nature of the problem.’

There is a lawyer for every conceivable lawsuit and even the inconceivable ones. This is equivalent to the man who sued McDonald’s because he is obese. That case was thrown out of court.

As for this law firm, it is relatively new, formed in 2008. They are trying to sell themselves on the fact that they employ ‘value-based fees’ or ‘alternative fees.’ Their tagline is ‘results, not hours.’ In order to not charge by the hour, they are looking at lawsuits that will bring in the big dollars. The tobacco industry brought in about $246 million, much of which went to lawyers, and this is their great alternative idea which will enable them to grab up millions in ‘alternative fees’.

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