Law would make criminals of kids posting photos of guns, gun-like anything


Two Florida Democrats want to make it illegal for minors to post a photo of a gun or anything that looks like one.

They specifically state that it would include recreational and political statements. It makes criminals of minors posting photos of themselves hunting or going to the range with parents or exercising free speech on behalf of the 2nd Amendment if anything like a gun is in the photo.

NBC local reported the story.

Florida State Senator Jason Pizzo and State Representative Shevrin Jones want to criminalize minors posting gun photos on social media. Florida Senate Bill 1310, introduced by Pizzo and Florida House Bill 1165 introduced by Jones, would make “the posting or publishing of a picture of a firearm, BB gun, air or gas-operated gun, or device displayed to resemble a firearm to social media by a minor” illegal.

Photos of military personnel with weapons would also be a crime.

Any violation would require the minor and parents to take parenting classes or perform community service with the offending child.

The House bill also requires them to do community service in hospital trauma centers.

It’s unconstitutional of course, but this is what Democrats want. They will control you and everything you do. They have no problem with fascism and we no longer can control these people. The Constitution stands in the way for now, and that too will be gone at some point.

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