Lawless FBI’s Conviction Rate Sank 11% Under Comey and Mueller


Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell told Lou Dobbs on his show about the new app Notifica George Soros funded to help illegal aliens game the system and remain in the country. They discussed all the lawless actions by the DoJ. The FBI’s conviction rate under Mueller and Comey went down 11%, they reported.

It is a violation of the law and he’s collecting government-taxpayer money to do it.

Dobbs said no one is being prosecuted. “The Trump Justice Department is acting a lot like the Obama Justice Department. They’re monitoring – they’re not actually doing much. We also know that illegal immigration in the last month has gone up, it’s almost tripled on the southern border.”

The DoJ is acting lawlessly and they plan to continue doing it as Rosenstein made clear when he said Congress had no oversight of the DoJ.

As Farrell said, “Mueller has yet to articulate the criminal predicate for his investigation. No one can tell you what crime has been committed.”

“I can tell you what crime has been committed with respect to some of the actions and activities of people in Mueller’s staff, at the FBI,” says Farrell, “it’s 18 USC Section 242, which is deprivation of rights under color of law. That is an abuse of power statute.”

Farrell said the pen register on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s phone is an abuse of the law.

He added, “I still can’t get over Paul Manafort’s wife being frisked at gunpoint during the predawn FBI raid, “That’s the stuff that narco-terrorists are involved in.”

“The President could and should fire every single political appointee who’s an Obama holdover. They should not be in office. That’s number one. Clean house that way.”

No kidding!


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