Lawless Mayors Demand Sanctuary Cities, Skip President’s Meeting


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is targeting the lawless sanctuary cities that are violating federal law and our rule of law. He’s putting the squeeze on them because we can’t say we have a Constitution if each city and town gets to decide what laws they will follow.

The Justice Department said it was seeking records from 23 jurisdictions — including America’s three largest cities, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as three states, California, Illinois and Oregon — and will issue subpoenas if they do not comply fully and promptly.

MSN, a fake news media reported: The administration has accused sanctuary cities of violating a federal law that prohibits local governments from restricting information about the immigration status of people arrested from being shared with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

It’s not an ‘accusation’, it’s the ‘truth’. Almost everything the media writes is colored to their viewpoint which is not reflective of the Constitution unless it suits their purpose. It serves to manipulate public opinion.

These cities even protect the worst of the worst. Drugs are becoming an increasing problem partly because of the cartels and the drug mules who want to get into the States illegally. President Obama’s border enforcers never screened for terrorists according to new information. In what world does this make sense?

Foreigners are deciding our future. They even decide almost all future Americans through chain migration.

People are being invited into the country to collect benefits. How long do people think that can last?

California’s Motor Voter law is take effect on April 1 and it is completely lawless. Laura Ingraham discusses that and the fact that Americans don’t want this on the next clip.

An expert from The Center for Immigration Studies appears on the clip and talks about the fact that assimilation is no longer considered, not even the pretense of it.

There is little question that the hard-left is using foreigners to transform the United States. We too can be an “s-hole.”

They have even said it. They want the foreigners to come in in large numbers, not assimilate, form a country within a country and eventually replace the less-pliable citizenry. In this next clip, radio host Sue Price discusses the “country within a country” plan right out of the Obama White House.


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