Lawmakers demand watchdog investigate possibly ‘damning’ texts & leaks


Michael Atkinson is the Intel Inspector General who is at the center of the Trump-Ukraine ‘scandal,’ which, at this point in time, sounds like a manufactured scandal to us.

Atkinson is the man who said the allegations by the anonymous, disappearing whistleblower, were ‘credible’ and ‘serious.’ Despite his claims, we found out after-the-fact that the transcript of the actual phone call in question revealed no quid pro quo. That’s when we were informed that the whistleblower wasn’t only concentrating on the phone call — it was the totality of information.

We also found out that the whistleblower had no direct information and his sources included newspaper articles. The first whistleblower is also compromised and said to be — by Mr. Atkinson — “politically biased.” A second whistleblower is also an invisible man.

Mr. Atkinson never said publicly if he investigated Mr. Biden’s quite public threat to Ukraine over the Burisma probe.

He has not said publicly if he investigated some very concerning and recently released emails by Peter Strzok or any of the leaks these texts tie into. Republican lawmakers sent a letter to Mr. Rosenstein last year expressing concerns.


Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, released previously unpublished texts and emails from fired FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Along with that, they sent a letter to Mr. Atkinson, the Intelligence watchdog to explain why he hasn’t investigated the leaks of highly sensitive information, according to Fox News.

No one is above the law and democracy dies in darkness, right?

The texts seem damning to us.

What Do They Mean?

“Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking into overdrive,” Strzok said.

The lawmakers would like to know the context.

“What are they worried about, and what are they kicking into ‘overdrive?’” asked the senators in a letter to Atkinson. “Who are the ‘sisters,’ and what does it mean to say that the ‘sisters have [been] leaking like mad?’”

An April 2017 email from Strzok to FBI colleagues that said an unidentified “agency” might be the “source of some of the leaks” to the media was also cited by Johnson and Grassley.

“I’m beginning to think the agency got info a lot earlier than we thought and hasn’t shared it completely with us,” Strzok wrote. “Might explain all these weird/seemingly incorrect leads all these media folks have. Would also highlight agency as a source of some of the leaks.”

In a June 6, 2017 email to Page, Strzok mused, “Think there will be a crescendo of leaks/articles leading up to Thurs.”

And, a Dec. 13, 2016 text message apparently showed Strzok trying to set up a Skype meeting with a reporter. “Text from reporter: retrieving my password for Skype,” he wrote.

In terms of leaks, at a minimum, these seem damning and worthy of investigation. Yet, that didn’t seem to happen. Why?

Are our Intelligence apparatchiks only capable of investigating the President? Perhaps he testified to this but we don’t know because the Democrats are keeping everything secret, controlling the narrative on impeachment.

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