Lawmakers Look to Remove Funding of Outlandishly Expensive Diversity Program

Tennessee State Rep. James Van Huss
Tennessee State Rep. James Van Huss

The University of Tennessee does not reflect the values of the constituents and they do it through a diversity office that costs taxpayers a whopping $5.5 million used for its diversity programs. That money could be better spent on scholarships for the poor.

Tennessee State Rep. James Van Huss introduced legislation to defund the Office of Diversity, saying that his constituents have repeatedly been alarmed over some of the things the office promotes.

Van Huss said he was not opposed to having a diversity office on the UT system’s campuses in general and has in the past called for more oversight of these offices.

sex week

“We had been trying to draft something that would leave the office in place but bring more oversight. However, after this latest action, it is clear that this taxpayer-funded department in no way reflects the values of Tennesseans,” he said in a press release. “First, it was Sex Week, then the Gender Neutral Pronouns, now these recommendations to ensure ‘holiday’ parties have nothing to do with Christmas. What else has the Office of Diversity been doing with our tax dollars?”

gender neutral

State lawmakers intervened with the university’s practices last year as the university was using students’ programming fees to host a “Sex Week.” Now, students must choose to “opt-in” if they wish for a portion of the money they pay each year to go toward programming.

The Diversity group wants to ban everything Christmas from Christmas parties.

come and take it

Diversity programs aren’t adding to the knowledge of students, they are clearly leftist propaganda.

State Rep.  Martin Daniel (R) echoed Van Huss’ concerns for how the diversity office uses money to WBIR-TV. ”While we respect freedom of speech, our constituents are telling us that they don’t want their taxpayer and tuition money in this math,” Daniel said.

The university’s faculty senate scrambled to throw together an emergency session Tuesday in order to prevent the defunding — even in part — of its Office of Diversity. They have two resolutions up their sleeves. One resolution would allow UT to continue with its diversity efforts; the other would ask the Board of Trustees to resolve issues within the school system without allowing the state legislator to become involved.

“We should be allowed to do our job and use this process we’ve already got to resolve any disagreement about things like this,” UTK Faculty Senate President Bruce MacLennan told WBIR.

They will resolve any disagreement until they get caught again but there will be damage before that happens!

Why are tax dollars going for this when we are all in debt?

The people running the diversity office are abby-normal and they want to teach the youth to be abby-normal too. Maybe Igor is running the office.

Watch for a little humor:


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