Lawyer in US Illegally Says Illegal Immigration Is No Worse Than a Parking Ticket


Illegal alien attorney Cesar Vargas compared coming into the country illegally to “getting a parking ticket.” Vargas is anti-American and promoting open borders. He doesn’t belong in our country.

Vargas is allowed to practice law in the USA.

“Why does ICE exist? he asked host Brian Kilmeade.

He answered the question, arguing that the agency could use its time better than worrying about deporting a college student or “a day laborer who is working in your house.”

The Fox News host asked him if agents should” just walk away”.

“Just as a state trooper lets the person driving 70 miles per hour on a 60 mile per hour road, he lets him go, and he pursues the one that’s speeding 100 miles per hour, there’s discretion there,” Vargas responded.

“Is it a crime to overstay your visa or be here illegally?” Kilemade asked.

“It’s a civil offense — it’s just like getting a parking ticket,” Vargas replied.

This illegal alien is in this country promoting open borders using his skills as an attorney.

He doesn’t belong here because he is flouting our laws.

At one point he said ICE officers want to abolish ICE — that’s a lie and it’s been debunked. He also maligned the ICE agents who risk their lives each day with his relating unverified stories.

Listen to the article here:

Audio Credit: Offtherecord

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