Lawyers call for AG Bill Barr’s impeachment after rule of law speech


Yesterday, Attorney General Bill Barr gave a brilliant speech at The Federalist Society promoting an originalist understanding of the constitution, explaining how the co-equal branches of government have been eroded over the years. The attorney general put the blame for the damage to this nation on the left and especially the Resistance.

The Federalist Society promotes originalism which returns us to the rule of law instead of the judicial activism of the left.

Barr explained that the Founders never intended for the judiciary to control the executive. He also described the ways in which Congress has frittered away its powers by not legislating and spending its time canceling the executive branch.

He cast the blame on the Resistance and backed it up. The Resistance is an insurgency, not a loyal opposition, he said, and that is very dangerous to our Republic. Their actions imply the government is not legitimate.

“The fact of the matter is that, in waging a scorched earth, no-holds-barred war of “Resistance” against this Administration, it is the Left that is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms and the undermining of the rule of law…” he said.

He blasted progressives. “In any age, the so-called progressives treat politics as their religion.  Their holy mission is to use the coercive power of the State to remake man and society in their own image, according to an abstract ideal of perfection.”

He received a standing ovation for the speech from everyone present except, reportedly, from Rod Rosenstein.

Everything he said is true.


Attorney General Bill Barr apparently doesn’t have the right to his opinion, even if it is that of the original founders. The rule of law and the co-equal branches of government is what kept this country whole.

Lawyers, a notoriously liberal and leftist collective, want him impeached. They said his speech was a lunatic authoritarian speech, a vicious partisan screed, the theory of a fascist executive, and intellectually dishonest.

They are obviously none too open-minded if they can’t accept the constitution as it was intended. These are the same people who dish it out in truckloads, yet they can’t listen to or accept another differing opinion.


Attorney General Bill Barr launched into an emotional tirade against “the left” at an annual meeting of the conservative Federalist Society on Friday evening. Now, lawyers and legal commentators are intensifying calls for Barr’s impeachment.

Barr’s eyebrow-raising speech was widely-panned after a video of the following portion made the rounds on social media…

“Another lunatic authoritarian speech as Barr goes from attacking ‘radical secularists ‘ [at Notre Dame Law School] to one month later attacking the ‘resistance’ at [the Federalist Society],” tweeted former White House ethics counsel Richard Painter [a very far-left nutjob]. “Impeach Barr now!”

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said the same thing Saturday morning.

“Yesterday AG Barr addressed a radical political group and gave one of the most vicious partisan screeds ever uttered by a US cabinet officer,” Pascrell tweeted. “Barr says trump should have king-like powers. Barr is a liar and a fanatic and should be impeached and stripped of his law licenses.”

Jeff Hauser is an attorney and the Director of the Revolving Door Project, a nonprofit focused on exposing political corruption.

In light of Barr’s speech, Hauser shared an article he previously co-authored with Max Moran calling for Barr’s impeachment:

“[I]f Democrats are going to uncover more information through aggressive hearings and ultimately impeach the president, they need to recognize their most powerful adversary: Attorney General William Barr,” the Daily Beast op-ed notes.

Federal defense attorney and computer law expert Tor Ekeland rubbished the concept in response to Barr’s Federalist Society paean to ever-increasing presidential power.

Instead of the ‘theory of the unitary executive’ let’s just start calling it what it is – the theory of the fascist executive,” he tweeted.

Several other legal commentators slammed Barr’s remarks:

“I encourage everyone to read Bill Barr’s viciously partisan speech to [the Federalist Society],” tweeted Fordham Law Professor JedShugerman. “Its hackery and intellectual dishonesty is an utter embarrassment to the DOJ, [Federalist Society], and to all of us (yes, me, too) who try to be intellectually honest about textualism [and] original public meaning.”

The ACLU is angry with Barr, of course.

Their reactions are insane. They are rebelling against the constitution and the rule of law.




  1. More evidence that most lawyers are P’s of S and that we are in trouble because they have their greedy paws firmly on the levers of power.

  2. Where did all these crazy, overboard IDIOTS come from and where did they learn all these far left ideas. If this is the way the country and the world is leaning we are in for terrible times ahead. These lawyers do not believe in the law as it hinders people? Who raised these IDIOTS? WHERE DID THEY LEARN ALL the far Left rules. If this is where are laws are going we as Americans and Capitalists are in deep trouble.

  3. “Emotional tirade”, what a joke. Watched the whole thing, couldn’t stop watching. It was awesome. Very knowledgeable on Constitution and history. Of course the commies hated it and Mr. Barr also. If the left gets any more like the Mafia, they’ll put a hit out on him. I pity them if they do!!!

  4. Recall that the left attacked Sessions often, while Sessions was a very effective member of the coup, having put the conspirators in charge of the DOJ. There is only one way Barr can show his credibility, with legal action against the conspirators, and he is not doing that.

  5. Get this, the top lawyer at the ACLU wants Barr either dibarred or impeached for…wait for it…exercising his right to free speech! You couldn’t make that up if you tried.

    • Not surprised at the reaction from the leftists(commies) in and about our government. Barr is advocating a return to the “rule of law”. If he, and President Donald J. Trump, succeed they are in danger of having to actually following the Constitution as written. Seeing as how they don’t understand it, nor adhere to it, they are in danger of losing their gravy train, the taxpayers.
      ACLU wanting Barr impeached and disbarred is just because Barr is showing them up for the treasonous swamp dwellers and incompetents they truly are. Can’t have someone like Barr saying the truth and exposing their traitorous behavior. Denial of his 1st A rights is what the left is all about, not just for Barr, but for you and me as well.
      Just sayin’.

  6. No offense to AG Barr but, in my opinion lawyers are nothing more then a necessary evil. It seems that when a conservative says something that they disagree with, they go into impeachment mode and demean and denigrate.

  7. As AG William Barr aptly stated, both the Legislative and the Judicial branches are not performing their Constitutionally appointed tasks of respectively, making law and adjudicating the law. The Executive branch has become the target of the other two branches in their unconstitutionally appointed roles of binding and crippling the Presidency by acts of politically grounded investigations (not oversight of the execution of laws) by the Legislature and the political activism of the Judiciary whose principal role is adjudication by stare decisis and not adjusting the law to fit the current political winds.

  8. The over reaction of legal types who hide behind big words and fake outrage is all you need to know. Mr. Barr has them figured out. He is using their own tactics against them and is willing to confront them on their own turf. Wild Bill Barr is the right man for the job at this tumultuous time in our Country’s political and social history.

  9. Insane is the correct term for these out of their minds socialists/communists. They are a bigger threat to our country than Russia could ever be!

  10. LOl there was very little emotion it was all logical and factually delivered.
    A very calm and easily pictured assessment of the state of the mess. Democrats are soiling the legal system like they soil San Franciso streets.

  11. I listened to the speech and found it to be very professional, informative, FACT based, and humorous – ALL the things that the leftists absolutely abhor! No wonder they want him impeached (is there anyone impeachable that they DON’T want impeached?)! I think what REALLY scares them is the acceptance of the AMERICAN PUBLIC of the evidence and facts that have been put out – except by the lamestream libermedia! The very THOUGHT of having their lives decided by an INFORMED PUBLIC is causing them to panic and make even MORE errors! They KNOW a JURY trial OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON,DC will be disasterous for them – deservedly so! No, Mr. Attorney General Barr, you just keep on being AG BARR!!

  12. Their anger is because they are Communists, Socialists, Fabian Socialists and Humanists, all do not believe in our Constitution.

  13. Sorry don’t care how great the speech was. Barr (lifelong family friends) with Mueller is stalling. I wouldn’t be surprised if he steps down;)

    • Sorry Jen, AG Barr is a Constitutionalist and that is why he came out of retirement to work for President Trump. He does not have a loyalty to Mueller, he has a loyalty to the Constitution which is not a living document but law.

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