Lead Smelter Plant Won’t Slow Ammo Production, Lead Laws Will


The EPA closing of the last lead smelting plant in the US will not affect ammo production or sales. The story has been circulating on the blogs that the closing is a backdoor effort by Mr. Obama to limit ammo production.

doe run

No trespassing sign outside the Doe Run plant.

The plant is closing and it has been in the works for some time, since 2003 in fact.

The plant in Missouri, considered old and dirty, is only important for nostalgia’s sake and jobs lost.

It won’t have any effect on ammo because the plant supplied almost no lead to the industry.

There are many ammo manufacturers and they use recycled lead. The plant that is closing was a primary source of lead but plants now get their lead from secondary sources such as scrap, recycled batteries, and they recycle the lead from them.

I called the local gun dealer in my area and he confirmed this.

What we do have to worry about are laws like the one Governor Jerry Brown just signed that bans lead ammo based on bad science. That could limit sales and raise prices.

That’s the real problem we need to be concerned about. Read more about that on this link.