Leader Jeffries Warns US Might Send US Troops to Ukraine


Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries warns US troops could directly enter the Ukraine conflict. Expect your sons and daughters to be forced into the military and prepare for a potential World War II.

The US might deploy troops to Ukraine if Kiev suffers a complete collapse against Russia, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has warned.

The Trial Balloon

In an interview with CBS News released on Sunday, the senior Democratic lawmaker suggested that if Kiev cannot win the war with Russia using billions of dollars worth of US military aid, Washington could potentially have to intervene directly in the conflict.

“We can’t let Ukraine fall because if it does, then there’s a significant likelihood that America will have to get into the conflict – not simply with our money, but with our servicewomen and our servicemen,” Jeffries said.

Jeffries said it would prevent a broader war.

It is utter nonsense to say we will start a war with Russia to prevent a broader war. A war with Russia is a broader war.

Don’t worry; we have an edge; the Russians don’t use the proper pronouns.

Biden continually says he won’t send US troops, but he continually goes back on everything he says. He wasn’t going to send tanks, long-range missiles, or planes, and he’s gone back on all of it. This was always the plan. George Soros wrote an essay not to long ago demanding war with Russia and China.

Russia has said it will not tolerate NATO on its border and will use nuclear weapons if it feels the threat is existential. They will not accept losing this war.

Jeffries claimed the pro-Putin faction in the Republican Party slowed the billions of dollars to Ukraine.  There is no pro-Putin faction, and we want the US border closed before we waste money on foreign countries. It’s ironic that he would call any Republican pro-Putin when he is a communist.

Macron also threatened to send French troops to Ukraine. France is a NATO nation so our fate would be sealed.

If you want dead children and grandchildren in a fight for the borders of an undemocratic nation, keep voting for these people. Maybe it’s too late now.

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