Leading RINO Says We Should Go With Garland as Justice Because of Trump


George Will, a leading establishment talking head and pompous ass, wants the GOP to go with Merrick Garland, the favorite Supreme Court nominee of the socialist/communist, Soros-funded MoveOn. Garland has been exposed as a radical environmental-EPA activist; he is supportive of gun control and planned parenthood. Garland is a personal friend of Barack Obama’s and this is the man that George Will wants us to nominate.

To add even more absurdity, he is concerned about who Trump would pick. Trump has made it clear that he will appoint someone as close to Justice Scalia as possible. Rather than chance it, George Will would have the Republicans cower before Obama and pick a radical posing as a ‘moderate’ and sell out the SCOTUS for the next two generations.

His true colors are showing as an angry, dishonest, traitorous ass.

This Will character will support the Soros/Obama choice and demonize Mitch McConnell for standing up to the left.

WILL: “The Republicans have two reasons for taking that position. One is to demonstrate to the Republican base something that they now very much doubt which is there is some reason to want the Republicans to control the Senate. They can’t defund Planned Parenthood, they can’t repeal Obamacare. They can’t even prevent the reauthorization of the Export-Import bank. This they can stand up and say we can actually do something.

Second, this is a way they say of protesting executive overreach by the president. Although this is a clear constitutional right and duty of the president to nominate people to the federal judiciary. What’s puzzling is the Republican Senate leaders who are saying this have all said of course they will support Donald Trump if he’s the party nominee. So they’re saying we’re quite content to have judicial nominations made by Mr. Trump whose qualifications for doing so are foggy.

And it’s puzzling to hear my friend Mitch McConnell saying with reverence that we must follow the ‘Biden rule.’ A Biden rule endorsed with equal reverence by Harry Reid. The Biden rule said no confirmations during a political season. When are we not in a political season? It’s just not an election year? By what principle do we decide when a president’s ability to nominate people becomes progressively attenuated? After the midterm elections of the second term of a president? When is it? I don’t understand.”


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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

And the GOP Beltway In Crowd wonders why there’s a Trump ascendency.