Leaker James Wolfe’s Lover Tied to Trump-Russia Operative


The head of security of the Intelligence Committee James A. Wolfe was arrested Thursday for lying about leaking classified information to at least four reporters. He lied repeatedly to agents according to the indictment.

Wolfe’s lover, Reporter #2 in the indictment, Ali Watkins, worked closely with Daniel Jones, the infamous Senator Feinstein aide who has a direct link to Trump-Russia.

Wolfe is continuously painted as a bipartisan guy but that could be to throw people off.


Wolfe was involved with Ali Watkins who was one of the reporters who published leaked Senate Intelligence-related items. She tweeted as if she is an inncocent bystander. There is something very amoral about that if it’s true. But she is presumed innocent. Look at her tweets at the time. If she is guilty as it appears, she sounds like a little sociopath:

Watkins denied receiving confidential information from Wolfe who faces 15 years in prison.

President Trump addressed the arrest briefly Friday. “It’s very interesting that they caught a leaker … it’s a very important leaker,” the President said while speaking to reporters at the White House. “So, it’s very interesting. I’m getting information on it now, happened last night, it could be a terrific thing.”


Jordan Schachtel says the following are probably the reporters [and the subject] involved in the leaks, left unnamed in the indictment:

From the indictment [Note Male-1 is Carter Page]:

  • Reporter #1 is likely Manu Raju of CNN.
  • #2 Reporter is definitely Ali Watkins of The New York Times.
  • Reporter #3 is likely Marianna Sotomayor or Kasie Hunt of NBC, most likely Sotomayor.
  • Reporter #4 is likely Brian Ross of ABC

Isn’t it interesting that four major mainstream outlets were selected. There were other reporters involved in these leaks but these were hand-selected for the indictment.


Jordan Schachtel reports that Reporter #2 is directly tied to Trump-Russia via Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones, a Feinstein aide, was working with Fusion GPS and Steele on Trump-Russia. He was lead author of the CIA torture report and Ali Watkins was a pulitzer finalist for information on the torture report.

Schachel asks: Was Wolfe coordinating with Jones back then and Is Jones working with Wolfe on Trump-Russia now? The Tweet:

It is well past time to look at Daniel Jones and Dianne Feinstein.

The DNC, the Clinton campaign, and 7-10 New Yorkers paid for the fake Trump-Russia dossier.

It was the Democrats colluding with Russia to get Trump, not Trump colluding with Russia. Daniel Jones is the one who “planned to share the information he obtained with policymakers…and with the press.” The information was contained in a footnote which James Comey claimed to know nothing about.

We know Jones’ former boss Dianne Feinstein is also a leaker although she blamed her leaking of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson’s testimony on an illness, a virus and medicine.


The Last Refuge website suggests four fake new stories published at that time were planted and this was a sting operation to catch the leaker.

As The Last Refuge reported, there are four fake news stories planted around the times of these indictments and a search and seizure warrant on Ali Watkins. The stories also tie to the reporters in the indictment.

Story #1

Brian Ross reported a faked news story claiming former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would testify that Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians about foreign policy during the presidential campaign. This actually happened after Donald Trump had been elected president, when it was well within Trump’s purview.

ABC had to issue a clarification the same day, later calling it a correction.

Story #2

On December 4, 2017, ABC reported that Paul Manafort worked with a Russian intelligence source as late as the previous week. That story was retracted.

Story #3

On Decemeber 5, 2018, a fake News leak about a Duetsche Bank subpoena for Trump bank records was reported by Bloomberg and later retracted. It was fake.

Story #4

On December 8, 2017, Reporter #1 (CNN’s Manu Raju) received and broadcast a fake news story – a leak – about WikiLeaks and a Donald Trump Jr. email.  The date on the email was wrong. The error was quickly picked up.


The leaker is James A. Wolfe. During the interview with the FBI, he was presented with a news article written by three reporters [referred to as Reporter #1, Reporter #2, Reporter #3, Reporter #4] which contained confidential information. He appears to have lied about sharing the information. He said he didn’t have extensive contact with reporters but that was untrue.

When reporters asked if he knew about reporter #2s sources, he said ‘no’, but then they showed him a photo of him with the reporter. He reversed his story, admitting he had a relationship with her. That reporter has to be Ali Watkins with whom he shared tens of thousands of communications. It was a well-known secret.

On or about the same date Top Secret information was shared by the reporter, Wolfe and Watkins were in frequent contact.

When the reporter appeared on a TV show about the article, they had frequent communications. He even emailed about giving her information so her career would take off.

A female reporter, identified as reporter #3 also published classified information about the subject. Wolfe was in frequent communication with her as well. She published a story about the male in question being subpoenaed to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Reporter #4 communicated with Wolfe at the same time another confidential story. Wolfe specifically cautioned Reporter #4 to “never use [Wolfe’s] name to any of [reporter #4s] colleagues or other news-related colleagues.”

You can read the indictment below.

James Wolfe Indictment Senate Intelligence Committee Leaker on Scribd

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