Leaker Reality Winner’s Case Includes Her “Pretty, Cute White Girl Defense”


Reality Winner, the leftist anti-Trumper who leaked classified NSA documents to the guardian newspaper was indicted by a grand jury today.

She has a plan to save herself though by playing the “pretty, cute white girl card”. That’s what she told her sister after her incarceration and to her mother, she said, if she doesn’t get out, “go nuclear with the media”. She figures if Chelsea Manning can get out that way, so can she.

The former white Air Force translator, seems to be anti-white but apparently not when it comes to her defense. In her tweets, Reality said “@kanyewest you should make a shirt that says “being white is terrorism”. While she seems to be a self-loathing white person, she has no problem using it as a get out of jail free card.

She also talked about how she hates America and wanted to live somewhere else, like in Afghanistan or Kurdistan. Her musings, gathered from her house by agents, show her desire to join the Taliban. Prosecutors say she is a danger to the nation and was denied bail. She is being charged under the Espionage Act.

The fact that she might harbor secrets in her head is one of the reasons the judge denied bail after the three hour long hearing. The four factors he had to consider: the type of offense, the weight of the evidence, Winner’s character and the potential danger to the community or the risk of flight, Epps said. Winner, he said, is accused of violating her top secret security clearance to obtain a top secret document that was leaked to a media outfit.

Winner had suggested she stole other documents.

After her family put up their home and her friend talked about how great she is, the Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Golari painted a picture of another side of Winner, and said “some of the information is downright frightening.”

Her journals were filled with anti-American and violent rants.

“I want to burn the White House down,” she wrote in one of her journals.

Winner, the prosecutor said, had notes about software to enter the “dark” web anonymously, to change SIM card on cell phone to use anonymously, and setting up a single-use, burner email account. She wrote the names of Taliban leaders, and referred to a Muslim leader’s vision of a fundamental Islamic state as Christ like, Golari said. She wrote of wanting to travel to the Middle East and had researched taking a trip to Israel in the fall, the prosecutor said. She went to Belize for three days in May, and she has access to $30,000 to $35,000 of her own savings and over $12,000 raised by a Go Fund Me page, Golari said.

Isn’t it reassuring to know the Air Force has “winners” like this? Did you know that the military contractors have been hiring people as young as 18 years and giving them top secret clearance? It’s true. That’s how someone like this gets into a high security position.

NBC News reported that there are thousands of 18 to 21 year olds “doing critically important and secret work around the world? many are fresh out of high school.

“The vast majority of people who do the National Security Agency’s intercept work, who translate and analyze — most of them are fresh out of high school,” said Matthew Aid, an intelligence historian who has written about the NSA. “There are thousands and thousands of 18 to 21-year-olds doing critically important and secret work around the world.”

Hannity discusses it at about 06:00 on the mark.


    • I don’t doubt the overwhelming majority are fine and I’m grateful for your service, but high school, I don’t know. The kids don’t have any track record.

  1. She got her top secret clearance because of her job while in the Air Force…Contractors like to hire people that already have clearance because the contractors can save money and put the people to work sooner

  2. I see the mother is playing along with her, trying to evoke sympathy, wanting her daughter released, how disgusting.

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