Leaks Timed to Mar Trump Wins Prove DC Elites Don’t Give a Damn About You


Have you noticed any upbeat news covering a Donald Trump success is virtually always “shaded” by some negative, often anonymously sourced story? The pattern basically began on the morning of November 9th . It was then, stunned Democrats, Beltway elites, never Trump GOPers, and their cadre of high priced lobbyists tried to digest the impact of the excrement sandwich all those “ordinary”, working class Americans had just just handed them.

That cranky, highbrow crew hasn’t liked it one little bit, and with this bunch, it’s not just business, it’s personal. Hillary’s loss most certainly cost her many billionaire donors big bucks. But those blue collar folks in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania giving a robust, electoral middle digit to their D.C. dwelling, “intellectual superiors” probably hurt even more.

Almost immediately there was an effort to delegitimatize the election. First, Green Party super loser, Jill Stein hustled millions of bucks to contest results in several states. After that embarrassing scam blew up, matched in futility by a failed attempt to get electors to change their votes, the anti-Trump forces slithered hard over to the Russia narrative.

Subsequently, our dangerously corrupt, media/deep state/DC cabal have used, and continue to use that as their fall back meme, aimed at blotting out any ray of positive light coming from Trump’s fiery orb. Not even the historically bipartisan, positive, pre-inaugural period was spared, as some sore loser Democrats refused to attend the event or spoke openly of impeachment. Worse still, even before President Elect Trump took the oath of office, the “resistance” began leaking. This vindictive, destabilizing playbook was open and operational.

On January 11, 2017 sleazy Buzzfeed released a phony “Russian Dossier”. It had made the rounds during the campaign, but was so very discredited, even Clintonistas gave it a pass. Eight days later, on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the New York Times headlined “Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates”.

How’d the paper get classified information and why would they feel the need to put it in bold print 1 day before the 60+ million people, living in an overwhelming “red” United States, were about to celebrate one of the greatest upset political victories in American history? For the same reason a colluding media and establishment continue to follow that template to this day.

They fear “The Donald’s” patriotic, America First policies, coupled with the same grassroots momentum critical to his big win, could very well lead to a highly successful presidency. Having badly underestimated both him and the level of his support once, Washington’s “masterminds” have no intention of making the same mistake twice. Consider some recent events that highlight just how alarmingly incestuous and conspiratorial elites have become.

They buried 2 feel good stories about a 16 year high in U.S. consumer confidence and the   surprisingly strong second quarter GDP # of 2.6%, behind White House personnel changes. More flagrant was the leak of Special Counsel Mueller’s empaneling a grand jury. It conveniently intersected perfectly with President Trump’s spectacular celebratory W. Virginia rally, where it was announced that state’s governor was switching to the Republican Party.

Limited coverage also kept all the aforementioned, optimistic economic growth info from being shared through Donald’s speech. Most media also used the Mueller “scoop” to smother the following day’s uplifting employment data. July saw 209,000 new jobs and unemployment drop to 4.3%.

President Trump keeping his promises to create good paying jobs by increasing opportunities in manufacturing, construction, and the fossil fuel industries could create exactly the kind of growth a D.C. establishment said was impossible. So they have to fight him, and by extension, “regular folks”.

You’ve gone to the ballot box and made your “betters” miserable, so punishment is in order. The penalty, which could be especially harsh for those who bolted the Democrat base, is to have offenders lead a less hopeful and prosperous life. Simply put, it’s never been more clear that when your interests conflict with theirs, the D.C. elites don’t give a damn about you.



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