Leave Ray Rice and Roger Goodell Alone, Go After Prosecutor McClain


by Jedidiah and Sara Noble

Liberal media elite don’t believe in absolutes so they make decisions based on their feelings – at the moment. They feel very outraged at the moment by Ray Rice’s unacceptable violence towards his wife. Also causing outrage is Roger Goodell who didn’t put Rice in front of a firing squad. Oddly, no one is upset with the liberal prosecutor who refused to prosecute Ray Rice.

Ironically, the two people hurt the most is Janay Rice and their beautiful little girl. The liberal media is claiming to be appalled in Janay’s name while they support her against her will. She’s begged them to stop helping her as her husband and she try to resolve their problems.

Doesn’t anyone care about this little girl? Look at her. The media will in the end hurt her because of this overreaction in the name of Holier-Than-Thou.


Maybe Rice is a hopeless abuser but the fact is that he never did anything like this before that we know of and Janay said she contributed to the violence. It is possible for a woman to contribute even though I agree there is no excuse for what he did.

Goodell punished him with a suspension of two days and people were again outraged because it was only two games. Goodell made a mistake – he should have said he fined him millions of dollars which is what two games amounts to.

There is one undeniable fact, Goodell and the NFL are NOT law enforcement. They shouldn’t be giving in to the complainers. By giving in, they’ve made themselves into targets. Goodell needs to stop apologizing, athletes and movie stars need to stop apologizing for their free speech, football players shouldn’t be running onto the field in pink sneakers, it shouldn’t matter if a football player is gay or not, they should be able to call themselves the Washington Redskins.  Football announcers shouldn’t be espousing their politics during games. They are called GAMES for a reason.

Yes, breast cancer is a very worthy cause but we don’t need to make football players wear pink sneakers. If they wore a cross on their helmets instead, the wrath of media Hell would be unleashed on them.

The real law enforcer who might not have done his job is the prosecutor Atlantic County District Attorney Jim McClain. He is the one who decided that Rice was eligible for an intervention program. I don’t know if that was the right call or not. I’m not privy to the details of this case. However, McClain is the one who, at the same time, is brutally prosecuting a young mother of two for accidentally driving through New Jersey with a legally-registered hand gun.

The mother is Shaneen Allen who bought the handgun to protect herself after being the victim of a crime. She was stopped for a wrong lane change in New Jersey, told the officer she had a gun in the trunk and was hauled off to jail. Instead of allowing her to enter an intervention program, which was honestly too harsh, McClain decided to label her a felon and send the case to trial and have her face five years in jail. He has an anti-gun agenda he wants to promote at her expense. He’s a piece of work.

The lib media doesn’t like the name Washington Redskins, but think about it, it wasn’t a slur, they are making it one along with libs like Harry Reid. They can make anything into a slur pretty much. Anything named after an Indian is a slur, in fact, using the name Indian is a slur if you let them make it into one.

McClain will make a criminal out of an innocent woman and harm her children but he didn’t have a problem letting Rice off the hook by allowing him to enter an intervention program. Both he and Rice went to Rutgers.

Such is our system of justice – it is starting to look like vigilante justice. What happened to the rule of law.

The media is making this a cause célèbre to get ratings and feed their liberal ideology. TMZ released the video when they did to get ratings and beat out the competition. The rest of us are their pawns.

Rice does not deserve to lose his career. His wife and baby definitely deserve better. Maybe he will disappoint us all but he should have a second chance. Zero tolerance has got to go.

The media has a new target – Adrian Peterson. God only knows what they will do to him.

I find it fascinating that the same media that ignored Benghazi, the IRS scandal, all of Obama’s scandals, the same media that quotes Obama’s dribble on ISIS as if it made sense – that media – can’t shut up about football players.

They seem to have an axe to grind towards the game of football. If they paid a fraction of the attention to Benghazi and the IRS that they pay to Ray Rice’s personal life, we’d have known everything within hours.

Remember when Michael Vick had to serve two years for killing dogs, a crime which was partly tied to culture? Do you know that we are freeing tens of thousands of illegals who have killed people and they are being freed without so much as a day in jail? How come no one cares about cock fights?

Is this what our new social justice system will be like? If so, I don’t like it. I prefer the rule of law. What about you?

Don’t listen to the media. They are controlling us. They are telling us what to think, how to feel, when to feel it, so they get ratings and spread their lib message. They don’t report the news any longer, they create the news.



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