Leave Trump Alone, He’s Godzilla


This article is not meant as an endorsement or a rejection of Donald Trump. It’s up to the people to decide.

The more people attack Trump, the more people rally to his side. Calling people fools for supporting him is only hurting the Republican cause with the 20% to 30% of the party that they need to win. It convinces them they are right about D.C. not being in touch.

On the other hand, Trump is destroying the GOP and a number of the candidates or are they destroying themselves?

Real estate developer Donald Trump speaks during the Freedom Summit in Greenville, South Carolina

When Trump acts like a braggart, he’s doing most of it tongue-in-cheek and he’s funny. They don’t think he’s a clown.

The Republicans in D.C. have to get out of their Ivory Towers and instead of demonizing Trump, they need to find out why people like him. Dismissing them will cost them the election.

Some say Trump has no specific plan but he has given out specifics, more than many candidates. You may not like them, but he did come out with them. He’s fearless. People like that.

Univision’s anchor Jorge Ramos was kicked out of Trump’s presser Tuesday on Trump’s say-so.

Trump said he didn’t know who Jorge was but he does. Trump had Jorge come back and, when he did, all Jorge did was rant and interrupt, taking the floor from other reporters, which is what Jorge always does.

Jorge was rude, cut the line, and was out of line.

Jorge is a citizen of this country but he supports keeping our borders open and violating our Constitution. Some might say he’s a traitor. He tells his listeners in Spanish that Republicans hate them and that’s patently untrue. Of course there are bigots but both parties have them.

Ramos has divided loyalties and said he votes in both Mexican and U.S. elections. What kind of American he is.

“I’ve never ceased to be Mexican. I have two passports, and I vote in elections in both countries. I’m deeply proud of this privileged duality. The best thing about America is its embrace of diversity.”

“The worst thing about America, of course, is the racist and xenophobic attitudes that tend to emerge now and then — Arizona’s anti-immigrant laws, for example. I hope that one day soon Americans will treat all immigrants, including the 11 million undocumented residents already living in the United States, with the same largess that I experienced when I arrived here.”

Trump did what others should do.

Jorge is an activist, not a journalist. Jorge said journalists must denounce Trump’s “dangerous words.”

Journalists should also purge their ranks of activists and have people who remain neutral.

Newt Gingrich described Trump’s campaign as “science-fiction” in an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s show earlier this month. Others have described Trump’s performances as a reality show.

We have a nation that chops up live babies for sale, we’re more barbaric than any other nation, our Constitution is being destroyed, and people wonder why a reality show star can command the limelight.

Gingrich told Greta that until candidates take him head on, he’s going to “keep winning”.

Van Susteren said Trump rolls over opponents “like a Mack truck.”

“He’s like a science fiction film, where you shoot at him and he gets bigger,” Gingrich added.

Gingrich was probably thinking of Godzilla. The more Godzilla was attacked, the more he demolished.

Taking on Trump isn’t the answer. Coming up with a strong platform that sounds honest and doesn’t reek of DC PC is the answer. It wouldn’t hurt for the other Republicans to come up with a good slogan that speaks to freedom or the Constitution or exceptionalism or all three.

Donald Trump was spreading a populist message when he said that in response to Oreo leaving for Mexico, he’d never eat an Oreo again. However, Trump is blaming the wrong people. It’s too expensive to do business here. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world and we have those sugar tariffs. Trump likes tariffs.

He lauded Canadian healthcare, which is a universal healthcare system, and any research I’ve done indicates it’s a bad system but drugs are cheap. One of my doctors fled Canada. She said people wait months for desperately needed surgeries.

Trump wants to manage the economy and managing the economy is what is getting us into trouble. Leave the economy alone!

Trump says we are rebuilding the world. That’s true.

Deporting 11 million people, some of whom have been here for decades, is offensive to many Americans and leaves him vulnerable to the racist meme, but he has 61% support on birthright citizenship. If Republicans keep insisting on amnesty and on promoting a weak stand on birthright citizenship without strong borders first, they will have a problem.

Trump is telling Americans he will make America great again and that’s what 30% want to hear.

A Hispanic woman put the support for Trump this way.

“As an American I feel frustrated because people are losing sight of what Donald Trump is trying to say. What he’s saying is, people should come to this country legally. And I know about that process very well because my husband is going through it right now and it’s extremely expensive. So there’s more incentive for people to come over to this country illegally. So all he’s saying is, let’s make the process to come here easier and less expensive so there’s more incentive to do that. When people cross the border who are not supposed to be here, let’s make sure they are sent back. But what the media is doing is twisting and turning everything that he’s saying and what’s so frustrating as an American is that the point is not getting across. We’re so worried about his fights with Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos now, let’s talk about the real issues.”

“I don’t think it’s his fault. I think it’s the fact that everything he says gets misconstrued. Like this immigration thing… I’m a Hispanic woman and I’m not offended for what he’s saying. I understood exactly what he is saying. No. And I don’t agree that I’m in the minority because the last time I was on CNN speaking about this as a Hispanic woman, so many Hispanic women tweeted me and said, Thank you for speaking for the real Hispanic woman.”


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