LeBron James Takes a Stand Against Free Speech & Human Rights


LeBron James took a stand against free speech, human rights in Honk Kong, and Daryl Morey who he believes was uneducated when he rooted for Hong Kong. The human rights of the people of Hong Kong are meaningless to him, at least in relation to the billions they make from China.

On October 4th, General Manager for the Rockets Daryl Morey tweeted a message of support of Hong Kong’s demonstrators, saying: “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.”

China went ballistic over the support for Hong Kong, canceling minor league exhibition games and business deals with the Rockets and the NBA. Morey was forced to apologize.

Lakers forward LeBron James spoke publicly about the incident, condemning Morey for a tweet that he says could have caused people to be physically “harmed.”

Le Bron’s correct. It would have seriously affected the money the NBA and he himself are pocketing — China’s money.

There was a lot of bipartisan criticism but none of that seems to have affected LeBron who might himself have benefited from more education. He seems to think there is a lot a damage done by free speech.

LeBron is using his free speech to drum up more division and angst.

For the past decade, the popular player has championed numerous social justice causes and viciously attacked President Trump. The sports media loves it. They will love this too. It won’t matter that LeBron is also taking a stand against free speech and human rights.

The people living in the semi-autonomous state of Hong Kong will soon lose all of their freedoms to a totalitarian government that ruthlessly violates peoples’ human rights.

Keep those bucks rolling and you will have forever friends in the NBA.

As Laura Ingraham would say, ‘shut up and dribble.’ King James is a sellout.



  1. Right after James’ ridiculous $hoe contracts, the safety and freedom of courageous Hong Kong protestors…..comes first. What a disgrace from a guy who was all about scolding the US public on issues “the king” perceived as slights.
    China says sit, and LeBron, along with his NBA buddies, don’t bother looking for a chair. Cowards.

  2. Money is your god LeBron… How did you get so confused??? Was it the devil called wealth. How can you forget your blessings and hart you owe your fans????? Easy I guess; it is called money. duh…

  3. Screw Lebron James, the NBA, Nike and ADIDAS. It’s all about their back pocket. These anti-Americans have no problem shooting their mouth off condemning this country. They are nothing more then Chi Com whores and I wonder how many trans gender bathrooms they have in those Chinese stadiums? As far as I’m concerned they can all move to China. They lost me.

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