Lee Zeldin

State Senator Lee Zeldin never missed a vote and worked hard for his constituents in New York despite a nasty campaign being waged by a primary opponent who ran on one major issue – attack Lee Zeldin.

InField Consulting, a pricey firm, led a constant and vicious frontal assault on Senator Zeldin. Ads ran day-and-night accusing him of everything from voting for Obamacare, which no state senator could do, to voting for taxes on baby bottles and dog food, referring to taxes already long in effect.

They accused Senator Zeldin of being everything he wasn’t. He’s honest, so they accused him of being a liar. He’s kind, so they accused him of taxing baby diapers, he’s a strong conservative, so they called him a liberal.

It was the most bizarre campaign I have ever witnessed except for the one InField ran in the New York City Republican primary, attacking brilliant business man, John Catsimatidis. They made that into a circus also, bringing out Rudy Giuliani to support Joe Lhota, who ran the MTA into the ground.

Giuliani even brought up 9/11 in his ads for Joe.

InField’s campaign was very nasty and personally attacked Mr. Catsimatidis on a personal level, a man who has accomplished amazing things with his life and is an honorable man.

The firm’s vicious attacks worked in New York City and Lhota defeated Catsimatidis only to lose to Sandanista Bill with only 20% of the vote, the lowest in New York City’s history.

Coming off what they thought was a success, InField ran the same bitchy campaign on Long Island, hoping that Long Islanders would be even easier to fool. They’re not.

The attack ads against Senator Zeldin were on TV, radio and the flyers came almost daily. The phone calls never stopped. It was incredible overkill. The ads included heavyweights Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki whose former aides – Jake Menges and Robert Cole – own InField Consulting. The money that was paid out for the ads was astronomical and how much went to Giuliani and Pataki we can’t say unless they work for free for friends and former colleagues. Postings on the Internet say Giuliani was paid $700,000.

Having faith in Long Islanders pays off! We’re too smart for sleazy campaigns! I’m proud to be a Long Islander today!!!

Senator Zeldin trounced his opponent with a 62.34% to 37.5% win despite being outspent more than 2 to 1 by the opposing candidate, George Demos, not counting the candidate’s strong financial backing from California. Two PACs run by Demos’ father-in-law, a close friend and business partner of Nancy Pelosi, spent far more than the $3 million the candidate spent on the primary.

We haven’t heard the end of PACs. Harry Reid is connected to one that was set up to attack Senator Zeldin. Long Island has to worry about Nancy Pelosi, whose connection to Demos was strong, and we have to worry about Harry Reid. We will not be easily fooled. Long Islanders know when they’re being rolled.

The CD-1 seat – held by extremist Tim Bishop – is an important one for Nancy Pelosi and the Hollywood elite who help fund Bishop’s campaigns. Bishop assumes the role of a reasonable politician when he’s politicking in more conservative areas like Rocky Point, but when he’s in areas like Southampton, he promotes Obamacare, cap & trade, welfare programs for people here illegally, and every single thing that Mr. Obama has put in place. He’s even an admirer of the Occupiers.

Frankly, he’s been occupying that seat too long.

Senator Zeldin is a veteran of Iraqi Freedom, he was a paratrooper, serving as a member of the elite 82nd Airborne. Currently, he is a Major in the Army Reserves.

We need more of our courageous soldiers in Congress. We need their courage. They have to fight for us here too.

Zeldin is a respected attorney, with a JD from the University of Albany, who knows the law and would hold our administration to it. He is opposed to amnesty and demands the borders be closed. He is a strong supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which includes the Second Amendment. He won the Libertarian Party support because of his beliefs in our Constitution, freedom, the free markets, and limited government.

Zeldin’s style is to walk softly but carry a big stick whereas Bishop walks softly, and carries a big yes vote for all Obama initiatives. We know how well that works.

Zeldin has the full support of the Republican and Conservative parties. He has brought Republicans together and Conservatives have united with Republicans and Libertarians. He is a uniter and can bring us all together, including Democrats.

The left-leaning newspapers on Long Island have painted Zeldin as an “establishment” Republican simply because he has the backing of three parties. They must prefer the candidate with no backing from any party who ran against him in the primary.

The biased papers – and that’s not all of them – hoped to send the subtle message that Zeldin was going to do the bidding of the establishment. Nothing of the sort will take place because he stands up for what he believes in. He has stood against his own party on issues, most notably the heinous National Popular Vote Compact which, if passed by a majority of states, will destroy the Electoral College and put in its place an easily corrupted and lunatic-fringe voting scheme orchestrated by George Soros’ son and a couple of eccentric foreign businessmen.

Zeldin is young and can bring new and fresh ideas unlike Obamacare Bishop who is tired and stale.

Married to Diana, he has two little girls, Mikayla, Arianna, and is a lifelong resident of Long Island, New York.

As a state senator, he was integral in ridding Long Island of 80% of the MTA tax, abolishing fee-laden fishing licenses, fighting for veterans with PTSD, and he has led strong opposition in Albany against the SAFE Act and Common Core. These are only a few of the things he has accomplished in three years.

Good guys can finish first!

He is a young man with a great future and he’s on his way. Move over Tim Bishop!



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