Left Bashes Melania’s “Nightmare” Decorations, Maybe It’s Because She Ditched the Mao Ball


Melania’s angelic decorations are being called a “nightmare” by Vanity Fair. It’s probably because she ditched the Obama Mao ball.

Barack Obama’s Mao-tse-Tung Christmas ball was hung in honor of the man who slaughtered tens of millions of people. Lovely!

Children who are more innocent and honest said she “seriously looked like an angel”.

Listen to the report from the left. It wasn’t only Vanity Fair insulting the decorations in the spirit of the Grinch, it was other petty media loons describing them as “bizarre”.



  1. The one frame in the video where she walks through the glass looking trees reminds me of a scene I once saw here.

    It was in a month of October we received a large amount of freezing rain and all the trees were covered in ice. When I came home and turned onto the street, all the trees on both sides looked like there were all made of glass. It literally looked like rows of glass trees filling both sides of the street. It was disappointing that I couldn’t get a camera to take that picture. By the next day it was too late since they just looked like trees with lots of ice on them.

    In the video the trees look snow covered. But imagine that with the look of glass.

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