The Left Didn’t Wait A Day to Dance on Roger Ailes’ Grave


Roger Ailes was a genius who built Fox News into an empire and gave a start to personalities like Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteran, Megyn Kelly and many others. He died at age 77 after a fall eight days ago that sent him into a coma and downward spiral. Ailes also suffered from a number of health problems.

One of his most significant contributions was his giving voice to conservative Americans, traditional Americans, Republicans. His death comes at a time when those voices are again being silenced, sometimes violently, sometimes through lies, and at other times through propaganda.

Ailes was sued for sexual harassment and one of the cases, and perhaps the most prominent, was that of Gretchen Carlson who, according to a former high-level executive Ken LaCorte, writing for Mediaite, said, “Certainly, no one reading Gretchen Carlson’s claims against Ailes – even if you believe every word of it – would think the case was worth anywhere near $20 million.”

Some, perhaps all of these ladies complaints were that of snowflakes or women looking for a pay day. Perhaps they were victimized. The point is no one knows except the parties involved and Ailes denied it. Unfortunately, Ailes, some of Fox’s former employees, and Fox News have been tried and convicted by the left.

However, since when do we celebrate death? Apparently some on the left do when it’s their opposition who die.

On this day, George Bush is speaking up for him but the left is dancing on his grave.

The left has no idea how abusive he was or wasn’t. The man never had a trial. Other than denying it, he maintained a distance from it all.

Slate is a hard-left zine people actually read and their reaction is what you’d expect if you are familiar with the rag.

Also from Slate, though this tweet has been taken down:

HuffPo’s Sam Stein:

Hard-left professor and commentator who got his start because of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, is speaking for many on the left:

The senior social media editor at Daily Kos:

Senior editor for the hard-left New Republic:

Hateful writer Charles Clymer:

Business Insider’s editor:

That’s only the tip — there are far more and far worse comments.

Their real complaint is likely the fact that Ailes established the first and only real voice to their opposition.

When it comes to leftist heroes like cop killers, miscreants, and piggish politicians, they sing their praises.

Sleazy Ted Kennedy was lionized, literally, he was called the Lion of the Senate. He was also the drunk in the bar who pawed a friend of mine – grabbed her crtoch, while he was married of course.

If the womanizing sexual harasser Bill Clinton dies, does anyone doubt his past will be forgotten and he will be treated with the utmost respect?

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