Left-Wing Hysteria Over the Trump Women


The Trump women are gorgeous, elegant, and dignified but you would never know it from the media’s catty remarks. Every affair is an opportunity for the media to insult the Trump women, especially the most influential of them — Ivanka and Melania.

Michelle Obama was always described as gorgeous even when she looked far less than gorgeous and Hillary was never criticized though the only outfits in her closet were pants suits.

An article at Yahoo News groused about Ivanka’s dress.

Ivanka wore a £2,418 dress and social media is very confused according to the article. What they are confused about is whether she thought she was going to a nightclub and why did she have a black spaghetti strap that looked like a bra strap.

This is from the same people who don’t have a problem with protesters walking around nude.

They mentioned she had 10,000 positive comments on social media, but they found a few jealous women and posted their comments to make the article about how awful she looked.

Harpers Bazaar published a snarky article about the suit Melania wore and made sure to mention it was a $10,000 Michael Kors dress that they didn’t think compared favorably with the t-shirt clad feminists.

They forgot to mention the feminists also wear vagina outfits!

They reluctantly approved of the hue but said it “was in stark contrast to the Democratic congresswomen who wore all-white to ‘stand in solidarity with the women of our nation,’ in the words of Representative Lois Frankel of Florida, the chairwoman of the House Democratic Women’s Working Group.”

Oh sure, those women in ugly white pants suits refusing to stand for victims of illegal alien criminals, a Gold Star mother, increased jobs, giddily giving the thumbs down sign, were so superior.

The story we like is of the little girl who went to school dressed as Melania Trump for a school project. She gives us hope.

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