Left Makes Good on Promise to Smear Blasey Ford’s Friend


As we wrote on September 17th, Justice Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford claimed a friend of hers, Leland Keyser, was with her at the alleged party 38 years before when Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her.

Keyser did not back up Blasey’s story and even said recently that she doesn’t believe the story because there is no way they would have left her or not inquired about her disappearance.

Keyser also said their friends threatened to smear her if she didn’t back up Blasey’s story.

Ms. Keyser told two authors of an anti-Kavanaugh book, Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, that the ‘mutual friends’ threatened to smear her by bringing up her past history of addiction.

“I was told behind the scenes that certain things could be spread about me if I didn’t comply,” Keyser told the NY Times reporters.

It seems the Times is making good on the promised smear campaign.


The two New York Times reporters who wrote the anti-Kavanaugh book waited until the end of the book to include the interview. Now they are claiming the false Blasey story is “credible” because Ms. Keyser had an addiction problem.

Co-author Kate Kelly told CNN’s Reliable Sources that valid issues have been raised and addressed, but also said some of the criticisms have been “a distraction from all the reporting that we did and new material that we have. It’s really sort of an attempt to discredit the messenger and avoid the conversation about the facts, about the evidence.”

They have made themselves the victims after they spread lies and misinformation on Twitter and in interviews.

Kelly said their book has the first interview with Keyser. The two women claim Ms. Keyser has memory problems in addition to an addiction problem. They are despicable.

After their unmitigated failures and those of the Times, they have the gall to play the victims. These two also blamed the NY Times editors and one of the other ‘victims’ in their tale for their errors, claiming she was probably too drunk to remember she was a victim. We see a pattern here.

Watch the lying little wenches try to hawk their book again:

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