Left runs a vile defense for an anti-Semite over a moderate Sen. Cruz tweet


Senator Ted Cruz, a Sentinel favorite, has been very outspoken on the racist left, which is not the entire left, of course. In a recent tweet criticizing the left, he was not emotional and simply stated facts. It infuriated the leftists just the same.

In a tweet, he wrote that the “The anti-Semitic Left—whether @IlhanMN repeated anti-Israel slurs or @nytimes apologizing for Hamas terrorists (eg, on 3/14/18) & running racist cartoons—is getting worse. And the House can’t even pass an anti-Semitism resolution. Responsible Dems need to say Enough is Enough.”

What is wrong with that tweet? It’s certainly accurate and it should reflect the left’s values too.

Ms. Omar, the Minnesota Democrat, fired back that he didn’t offer condolences over the Chabad shooting yet.

“A white nationalist literally terrorized a synagogue during Passover yesterday and you have yet to say anything. Shame on you,” Ms. Omar tweeted.

Her offer of condolences over the Chabad hate crime was a joke. It was so bad that she should have not bothered. Omar couldn’t use the term “anti-Semitism” and went for “religious hate.” She politicized the event in her apology.


Hillary’s pal and lawyer, the corrupt Marc Elias tweeted this:

He needs to shut up and go away considering his sketchy past.

The left loves their anti-Semitic congresswoman Ilhan.

Here’s another incensed leftist.

These people are obsessed. They will run to the defense of an anti-Semite over a harmless comment by a Republican Senator expressing views they claim they believe in.

Ilhan is really tight with CAIR, an organization tied to Hamas. A 2008 tweet by a CAIR official was uncovered by a website called DC Clothesline. Sadiqq Abu Osman states he is CAIR Minnesota’s Government Affairs Coordinator, and he allegedly tweeted this:

Democrats need to get their act together. No anti-Semitism EVER!

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

They have aligned themselves with Muslims, no matter if they support groups that want to destroy America.