Left Says Dial Down Rhetoric As They Get More Hateful


There isn’t much to add to these two videos. They speak for themselves.

After blaming the President and Republicans for the murder of eleven people in Pittsburgh based on the President’s alleged rhetoric, they themselves are out inflaming the passions against him.

They are calling him a Hitler “turning people into infested vermin”. He’s a “moral monster”, “evil”, and “dark”. They don’t like white men who lean right either.

They think the caravan is a “Trump lie”.

Hate, hate, hate is coming from the left

The left — Democrats and media — have predicted the fall of Donald Trump as they tried to take him down from before he was even inaugurated. Everything was a bombshell that would finish him.

They were hoping. It usually works. They dehumanized George Bush and got his numbers down into the mid-20s. Now they are dehumanizing anyone who supports President Trump.


  1. They are using the strategy of “Accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing.” It’s right out of the Lenin/Alinsky playbook. It’s getting to be an old and tired strategy. It’s not the Obama years any more.

  2. All you can say with 100% accuracy is that all Democrats are capable of doing is lying. Never believe a Democrat!! They will need to be dealt with like we’ve dealt with threats to our nation in the past.

  3. The Right is hip to the dirty tricks of the Left and they’ll never work again. Lefties, you’ll have to find new ways to lie to and confuse your legions of snowflakes.

    • They are members of the moronic mainstream media….doubt their captive audience’s Idiot Quotient is much higher than theirs…barely into double digits…They do have one thing right it seems…”they think the caravan is a “Trump lie”…it is not a caravan but an “invasion”…thus if Trump referred to this “invasion” as a “caravan’ he was essentially mistaken.

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