Left Says President Trump Can’t Touch Obama’s Fascist CFPB, Fake Chief Won’t Leave


Update: 11/28/17: A judge ruled that the CFPB Pretender Leandra English to pack her things and leave the CFPB.

Elizabeth Warren and her Socialist allies said the President used a “racial slur” in referring to her as Pocahontas Monday. As Sarah Sanders told the press today, saying it’s racist is a “ridiculous response”. More problematic, she pointed out is that Elizabeth Warren furthered a career with a lie about her heritage. That’s not all she did.

Socialist Elizabeth Warren is also the “genius” behind the rogue Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The CFPB is not protecting consumers, it’s furthering the leftist agenda as the President has said.

The left is attacking him full force because he has removed the former CFPB chief’s pick, his deputy and leftist partisan, Leandra English. He substituted Mick Mulvaney.

English is suing to stop the President, claiming he doesn’t have the authority. The left is also picking on Mulvaney because he knows a lobbyist who could maybe affect things they don’t want affected. Never mind that everyone in D.C. knows a lobbyist.

English won’t go and is still acting like she is in charge. English and her supporters would erase the Constitution if they could. English’s lawsuit is frivolous but these days the judicial tyrants are capable of deciding anything. She’s asking for a temporary restraining order to keep the President from replacing her.

This is insane!

The President is the Chief and Federal Marshals need to come in and remove her. She is not above the President and the Constitution.

Leftist Leandra, more important than the President?

Mulvaney began the day by ordering a temporary freeze on hiring and rule making Monday. And that’s to start.

Trump has pledged to rein in the CFPB, declaring that the agency “ has been a total disaster” and asserting that “financial institutions have been devastated and unable to properly serve the public.”

Mulvaney has told the staff to disregard orders from English and, as a result, we are starting to see tweets like this one from a Frederick Douglass wannabe:

From day one, the CFPB was set up to be a fascist rogue government. There is no oversight by any agency and they operated completely independently. Neither Congress nor the President provide supervision of any kind.The agency even has an unlimited taxpayer budget to do whatever they want to do.

The agency even used IRS tax refunds to illegally get personal financial information.

The unaccountable Obama agency was portrayed as a federal “watchdog” created to forbid “unfair, deceptive, or abusive” financial practices as part of the Dodd-Frank Act.

An unaccountable government agency with an unlimited budget? What could possibly go wrong?

The former president thought he set it up so that no future president can ever stop the CFRB and fire his appointed director, Democrat Richard Cordray (who appointed English) who recently resigned. The agency operates illegally and acts illegally. However, that is unconstitutional.

What is worse is the Government Accountability Office found that the CFPB spent a higher percentage of its budget on public relations activities than any other federal entity examined, except for the Peace Corps.

It wastes our money without oversight, gets your personal financial information under rather deceptive circumstances, and then advertises itself with tax dollars.

Several U.S. senators had sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin expressing their concerns.

Why Congress didn’t do much more is hard to understand.

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