Left Tells Train Crash Jokes After Amtrak Collision


Updated video at the end

A train carrying about 200 to 300 GOP lawmakers crashed on its way to a West Virginia retreat. The train hit a truck. One engine derailed after the crash. There is one fatality so far, believed to be a person on the truck. Two people in the truck are said to be badly injured. There doesn’t appear to be any more life-threatening injuries at this time.

A member of Congress from Tennessee is reported to have a broken ankle. Amtrak originally said there were no injuries, but then said there were minor injuries. We now know there are serious injuries. Many of the congressmen are doctors and assisted with the injured according to Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee. He added that it “was a tremendous impact” and the train was “going very fast at the time”.

Congressman Lewis said he is hearing that the truck got stuck on the tracks.

Rep. Sean Duffy’s wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, thought no one was supposed to be crossing the tracks given the number of congressmen on the train. Half of congress was on the train, she said.

The train is on the move as of 1 pm, returning to the station. The congressmen will board a train to their retreat.

The Party of Caring includes some very uncaring people.

Some Democrats think it’s an opportunity for laughter

Liberal pundits are telling train crash jokes

Wendy Sherman attempts a train crash joke.



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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

Did this finally give Dems & their media camp follwers a chance to stand and applaud? Sick.